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Gay Weddings

  1. gay weddings
    Steven Universe Celebrated a Lesbian Wedding That Will Warm Your Cold Dead HeartFinally, something good.
  2. winter weddings 2016
    Real Wedding Album: A Burlesque Bash With Confetti and Tacos“I have an elderly relative who is an Auschwitz survivor. Having him and his wife at my weird gay wedding was incredible.”
  3. Nuptials
    Guy Fieri Officiated a Massive Gay Wedding in Miami#101GayWeddings got a dose of love, peace, and taco grease.
  4. Save The Date
    Chef Art Smith Is Catering a Wedding for 101 Gay Couples in FloridaIt’s free — all they have to do is tweet at him.
  5. dudes
    12 Men on Their Dream WeddingsFeaturing Jet Skis, butterscotch pudding, Sam Cooke, and weed.
  6. equal rites
    Hawaii Now a Destination for Same-Sex Weddings, TooTwenty years after making gay marriage a national issue.
  7. both sides of a love story
    True Stories: She’s Marrying Her Sorority Sister“I know, it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of.”
  8. loose threads
    More Gisele Pregnancy Rumors; Levi’s New PresidentPlus, interns take over British Elle, Cynthia Nixon’s green wedding gown, and more fashion news.
  9. (maybe) put a ring on it
    The NYC Calvin Klein Collection Boutique Hosted a Big Marriage Equality BenefitLots of celebs went along.