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  1. let's makeup
    Milk Makeup Launched a Glitter Collection for LGBTQ Pride“We are all unique specks of glitter that make up an ever-vibrant spectrum of individuality.”
  2. winter olympics 2018
    Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy Talk Competing As Openly Gay Olympians“I came here being authentically myself and sharing my story and being gay is part of that.”
  3. Andrew Garfield Says His Remarks About Sexuality Were Taken Out of ContextThe actor previously said he was gay “without the physical act.”
  4. censorship
    Disney Won’t Cut Beauty and the Beast ‘Gay Moment’ Despite Malaysia ObjectionThe studio won’t alter the movie.
  5. a moment like this
    Bill Condon Agrees Beauty and the Beast ‘Exclusively Gay Moment’ Was ‘Overblown’“I love the way it plays pure when people don’t know and it comes as a nice surprise.”
  6. if life were made of moments
    Let’s Talk About the ‘Exclusively Gay Moment’ in Beauty and the BeastHow gay is it if straight people are in the shot?
  7. coming out
    As an Homage to George Takei, John Cho’s Sulu Is Gay in Star Trek BeyondBoldly going where no franchise has gone before.
  8. new faces of things
    Transgender Model Lea T on Beauty and Acceptance“People accept you easily if you look beautiful or if you have money.”
  9. good enough to eat
    A Food Magazine That Mixes Recipes and Sexy MenIntroducing Mouthfeel, a new magazine that looks at food from a queer lens.
  10. Empire’s Jussie Smollett on His Sexuality: ‘There Is No Closet’He shouldn’t have even been asked in the first place.
  11. gay acting
    Kevin Hart Says He’s Too Insecure to Play a Gay ManFor now.
  12. oh russia
    Russia Removed a Monument to Steve Jobs Because Tim Cook Is GayJobs is gay by association.
  13. homophobes
    Anti-Gay Lawmaker Wants to Ban Tim Cook From Russia Because of Ebola and AIDSObviously.
  14. oh russia
    Russian Media Ignores Olympic Non-Discrimination Standards Added After SochiNot like it happened because of Sochi or anything …
  15. ISIS-Themed Israeli Gay Party Uses Beheading Images for PromoPure drek.
  16. coming out
    Ellen Page’s Coming-Out Speech Will Probably Bring You to Tears“I have been trying to push back, to be authentic, to follow my heart, but it can be hard.”
  17. Paul Feig Is Planning a Gay Rom-Com and Wants Channing Tatum and ‘SNL’s […]Bridesmaids director and Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig gave details about a new movie he’s developing to reporters at a dinner party to […]
  18. ‘Totally Biased’s Guy Branum Calls Out the James Franco Roast for Being […] Here’s a clip from Thursday’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, in which standup/writer Guy Branum criticizes Comedy Central’s James Franco […]
  19. Lawsuits
    Micky’s Sued In West Hollywood Over Lewd ConductAmong the allegations are a penis ring toss game, public masturbation, and drinking shots out of strippers’ butt cracks.
  20. Sam's Club
    Abbey Owner David Cooley’s New Restaurant Plans Get Boystown GabbingThe owner may ease concerns by announcing his plans to “add something new and exciting to the heart of Boystown.”
  21. Closings
    Legendary Palms Bar Gets Licked in West HollywoodOwners are looking to relocate.
  22. Todd Glass Reflects on Coming Out to Marc Maron a Year Ago TodayToday’s the one-year anniversary of comedian Todd Glass coming out of the closet on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF, an extremely moving episode of […]
  23. style tribes
    Models Flirt With Models at This New Lesbian BarInside the Dalloway, a chic alternative to New York’s gay scene as usual.
  24. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: ‘I Took Him Hostage’Luke and River were wildly in love — and wildly reckless.
  25. GLAAD Reports that ABC Leads the Networks in Gay Characters (And Sassy Gay […]The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation just dropped its “Where We Are on TV” report 2012, its annual analysis of LGBT presence in […]
  26. A Funny Thing #28: Wrong Place, Wrong Time with David SmithymanDavid Smithyman wanted to lay low and avoid attention, to pass as a phantom over the choppy waters of an awkward adolescence, but the universe […]
  27. Beef
    French Quarter Marketplace Owner Accused of Being Totally ‘Over’ The RainbowOwner Michael Faze says the Judy Garland impersonator in question is just being difficult.
  28. ‘The New Normal’ Finds a Utah HomeLast week KSL-TV, a Utah NBC affiliate, refused to air The New Normal because of all its frightening gay characters. (What with their loving […]
  29. madonna
    Watch the Gayest Bar Mitzvah Entrance Ever“Oy” dios mio.
  30. Is James Adomian Gay Stand-Up Comedians’ Great White Hope?“Could James Adomian become the first man to break through as an openly gay stand-up star?” asks Jason Zinoman in his New York Times piece on […]
  31. The Abbey
    The Abbey Introduces a ‘Chick-For-Gay’ Sandwich100% of all proceeds go to an organization that fights against Prop. 8.
  32. no strings attached
    Watch a Gay, Line-for-Line Remake of the No Strings Attached TrailerWow, we really miss Natalie Portman.
  33. Leftovers
    Church & State’s New Cocktails; Little Taiwan Gets Close-Up on EasyChing-He Huang’s latest episode finds her in Monterey Park.
  34. Jason Alexander Offers Up a Particularly Thoughtful Apology for Anti-Gay […]Last week, on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Jason Alexander joked that cricket was “a bit gay.” This caused a bit of a stir and […]
  35. Closings
    Silver Lake’s The Other Side and Flying Leap Cafe Closing to Become HyperionThe historic gay piano bar is becoming an (ick!) sporty gastro-pub.
  36. The Heartening State of Homosexual TV Characters“I think I would be lying if I said that I didn’t expect, at some point, for some narrow-minded group of people to try to create some […]
  37. Empire Building
    Will The (Black) Cat Come Back to Silver Lake?If the owners of The Village Idiot have their say, an homage to the historic gay bar could return.
  38. ellen degeneres
    Listen to Howard Stern Come to the Defense of Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, and All the Gay KidsYes, Howard, things are NUTS.
  39. star wars
    Watch a Short About Gay StormtroopersNo one ever said nerds wouldn’t like Brokeback Mountain.
  40. comedy
    Watch a Video About the Ultimate ‘Fag Hag’Your trusty Clickables editor is shamefully promoting his web series, It Gets Betterish.
  41. bullying
    Watch the Cutest PSA Ever Made About Misusing the Word GayIndeed, misusing the word gay is mean and it’s offensive. KNOCK IT OFF!
  42. bill o'reilly
    Watch Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller Make Fun of Gays, Mexicans, and PenguinsUsually, laughter is contagious. Unless it’s Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller laughing endlessly about gays, immigrants, and disenfranchised protesters.
  43. homophobia
    Watch Fat Joe Be Down With Gays (NSFW)“If you gay, you gay.” We’re pretty sure those were Governor Cuomo’s words on the very day he legalized gay marriage.
  44. Mediavore
    Camden Coffee Shop Owner Reneges on Sexual Harassment Settlements; Chick-Fil-APlus: New York Times operators are standing by to help you with your Thanksgiving turkey; and Ruth Reichl loves to chow down in Vegas, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Closings
    The Spotlight Fades Away in HollywoodL.A.’s sketchiest gay bar calls it quits after 50 years.
  46. tracy morgan
    Tracy Morgan Appears Not to Have Offended Anyone in New York Last NightIt was his first appearance since this month’s flap.
  47. Openings
    Atlantic City Opens Its First Gay Club in 33 YearsResorts opened Prohibition, which caters to a gay clientele, last week.
  48. Reopenings
    The Abbey Grandly Reopens on April 20thA new look and new menu will be revealed to the public at 8:00 P.M.
  49. the future is coming
    Yahoo Clues Filters Out Searches for Gay or Sex, But Leaves in LesbianAlso unfiltered: ‘men on men’ and ‘hot lesbian girls.’
  50. CBS, Now With More Gay CharactersOn ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Rules of Engagement,’ and ‘Feces My Dad Said.’