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General Services Administration

  1. Internal Watchdog Thinks White House Might Have Interfered in FBI HQ PlansDid Trump strong-arm the FBI into keeping its headquarters across the street from his hotel? A new inspector general’s report invites that question.
  2. Are Trump’s Transition Lawyers Attempting to Discredit Mueller?They claim Mueller unlawfully obtained thousands of private emails from Trump’s transition-team members, but the accusation looks pretty weak.
  3. party favors
    GSA Spent $20,000 on Giveaway Drumsticks at Awards CeremonyThe entire event cost one quarter million.
  4. Official Who Planned $800,000 GSA Conference in Las Vegas Is OutNext career: Party planner, obviously.
  5. Obama ‘Apoplectic’ Over GSA’s Vegas BlowoutNot what he needs right now. 
  6. GSA Spending Scandal Gets More Embarrassing With Rap LyricsWe gonna pawty like iz yo birfday!”
  7. Host of the GSA’s $822,000 Party to Plead the FifthWhat’s the point of spending all that money if you can’t talk about it after?
  8. scandals
    GSA Boss Resigns Over $820,000 Vegas Conference“Taxpayer dollars were squandered.”