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    Don’t Call Me a Millennial — I’m an Old MillennialGiven the epochal events that changed the young adulthoods of older and younger millennials, it’s time to split the generation in half.
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    Are You a ‘Fumbling DVD-Menu Sex’ Millennial?Before “Netflix and chill,” there was renting DVDs.
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    Anatomy of a Terrible Anti-Millennials Trend Piece“Just ugh,” he tweeted angrily.
  4. Millennials So Shiny, Happy, It Makes Everyone Else IllSomeone tell this generation to put away that joie de vivre
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    We Must Stop Worrying About ‘The Younger Woman’Even if Kim Gordon and Martha Stewart — who are both awesome — deal with the same issues.
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    Girl Meets World Update: Here’s Cory and Topanga’s SonMeet your Elliott Matthews.
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    Girl Meets World Gets Its ShawnAlso, the original Shawn might be returning after all.
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    Cory and Topanga Will Also Have a Son in Girl Meets WorldElliott Matthew, the “thinking man’s jock.”
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    Girl Meets World Casts Its Star, Cory and Topanga’s DaughterThe actress reminds creator Michael Jacobs of everything people loved about little Ben Savage.