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  1. euphemisms
    All the Ways to Illustrate a Story About Vaginas34 options that span the entire plant and animal kingdom.
  2. genitalia
    CrossFitters Are Posting Sweat-Angel Pics That Resemble GenitalsDudes’ angels look like uteruses.
  3. big penises
    Kim Kardashian Told Everyone Kanye Has a Huge PenisRight before finding out her baby’s gender.
  4. genital tales
    Confirmed: Brothers’ Penis Sizes Can Be Very DifferentMan sees brother’s big dong, freaks out.
  5. size matters
    Jon Hamm: ‘Lay Off’ My Penis“They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason.”
  6. hamm's salami
    Jon Hamm’s Penis Is So Big, They Have to Photoshop ItAre we done talking about his penis yet? No?
  7. in other news
    A Brief History of ‘Times’ GenitaliaAs you enjoyed your morning coffee yesterday, you might have noticed something unusual dangling from your Sunday Times. In the bottom-left corner of the front page, books reporter Julie Bosman offered this lede, about a controversial kids’ book: “The word ‘scrotum’ does not often come up in polite conversation. Or children’s literature, for that matter.” Scrotum?! On the front page of the Times? Mon dieu! (See what happens when they let Al Siegal retire?) We figured it had to be unprecedented, so we headed to Nexis for confirmation. Here’s what we learned.