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George F. Will

  1. the national interest
    How McConnell Stole Obama’s Court Seats and Gave Them to TrumpThe Senate Republicans broke all the judicial rules, and have been richly rewarded. Now George Will repeats an outright lie about it.
  2. How Donald Trump Outsmarted George WillThe conservative intellectual class is streaking alone.
  3. Hottest Year Ever Creates Crisis for Climate-Science SkepticsWho will rise to the challenge of continuing to deny science? George F. Will will!
  4. Scientists Also Lying About Ebola, Explains George F. WillScientists: Are they right about anything?
  5. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Why the GOP Still Denies Climate ChangeThe exhaustive and ominous new White House report won’t break the political gridlock.
  6. George Will Keeps Getting NuttierToday it’s something about big cars, freedom, and Reagan.
  7. Why Conservatives Got Segregation Wrong a Second Time in South AfricaThey’re not good at this race stuff.
  8. George Will Now Against Intentional IrrationalityA welcome, though unacknowledged, turnabout.
  9. George Will: Now Obama Is Worse Than NixonApparently wearing bow ties does not in and of itself qualify you as a constitutional lawyer.