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  1. Nobody’s Neutral About Trump’s Job PerformanceTrump’s approval ratings are normally high among Republicans and abnormally low among Democrats, with hardly anyone being unsure about him.
  2. Trump Is the Most Substantively Anti-Abortion President EverOther Republican presidents have talked a good game against abortion. But Trump has delivered.
  3. Actually, Pence’s Toadying Is His Best Shot at Becoming PresidentJournalist Matt Bai tries to make the case that Pence has no future in presidential politics. That’s likely wrong.
  4. Behind That Viral Photo of 4 Presidents and 4 First LadiesThe photographer of that shot of the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, and Melania Trump tells us how he got the instantly iconic image.
  5. George H.W. Bush Hospitalized for Blood InfectionHis hospitalization came one day after his wife Barbara’s funeral.
  6. Bush Family, Crowd of Dignitaries Remember Barbara Bush“The First Lady of the greatest generation.”
  7. Trump Can Win in 2020. But History Tells Us It Won’t Be Easy.Yes, incumbents usually have an advantage. They usually are more popular than Donald J. Trump though.
  8. first ladies
    Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s Health Is FailingShe is rejecting further medical treatment and will now “focus on comfort care” at home surrounded by her family.
  9. Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s Health Is FailingShe is rejecting further medical treatment and will now “focus on comfort care” at home surrounded by her family.
  10. Mark Cuban Has Little Chance of Becoming a Third-Party PresidentTrump’s way — winning over one of the two major parties — is probably the only way to the White House for a rich celebrity “outsider.”
  11. A Democratic Wave in the Midterms Could Expose Trump to a 2020 Primary ChallengeTrump stands athwart the GOP like a colossus right now. But like him, his party doesn’t like losers.
  12. Trump Now Trails Only Reagan Among Recent Presidents in GOP EsteemIt’s Trump’s party now for sure.
  13. sexual harassment
    Woman Says George H.W. Bush Groped Her During His 1992 Reelection CampaignSeveral women have come forward with allegations against the ex-president, but this one goes the furthest back.
  14. dynasties
    Beware the Bush Family Image-Rehab MachineSuddenly, liberals have a sweet spot for two presidents they once viewed as villains. Why?
  15. sexual harassment
    George H.W. Bush Accused of Groping Woman When She Was Only 16This is the sixth woman to come forward with an allegation about the former president.
  16. George H.W. Bush on Trump: ‘I Don’t Like Him’Tell us what you really think.
  17. sexual harrassment
    Four Women Have Accused George H.W. Bush of Groping Them (Update)The ex-president’s spokesperson has since issued an apology, calling the incidents an “attempt at humor.”
  18. Author Christina Baker Kline Says George H.W. Bush Groped Her During a Photo OpTwo other women have also claimed they were groped by the former president.
  19. sexual harassment
    NBC Anchor Implies Women Who Accused Bush Sr. Should Be ‘Ashamed’Here’s Andrea Mitchell’s take on the George H.W. Bush sexual-harassment allegations.
  20. sexual harassment
    Second Woman Accuses George H.W. Bush of Groping HerDuring a group photo, the president reportedly grabbed her butt and made a joke about “David Cop-a-Feel.”
  21. World Upside Down: Breitbart News Prefers Ryan to Trump on Dreamers DealTrump’s most reliable media allies are comparing his DACA deal to Bush 41 raising taxes, and even prefer their longtime target Paul Ryan’s position.
  22. Romney Takes Trump to the Woodshed, Calls for Presidential ApologyThe 2012 GOP nominee unambiguously condemns Trump’s remarks about Charlottesville and calls for an extremely unlikely retraction and apology.
  23. Both Presidents Bush Denounce ‘Racial Bigotry’After Trump defended the “very fine people” at a neo-Nazi rally, the 41st and 43rd presidents joined other Republicans to repudiate bigotry.
  24. rsvp
    George H.W. Bush Has a Very Good Excuse for Skipping Trump’s Inauguration“My doctor says it will put me six feet under.”
  25. get well soon
    Former President George H.W. Bush HospitalizedHe’s said to be “doing really well” and is expected to go home in a few days.
  26. No, Clinton’s Late-Primary Struggles Don’t Portend November DefeatLest we forget, Obama — and also earlier presidents — didn’t do so well in late primaries.
  27. the bushes
    George H.W. Bush Bashes Cheney, and W. for Putting Him in PowerHe didn’t have nice things to say about Rumsfeld, either — and the former Defense Secretary returned the favor.
  28. 2016
    George H.W. Bush Watching a Lot of 2016 CoverageI notice he’s not watching ‘CSI’ reruns anymore.”
  29. health update
    President George H. W. Bush Released From Hospital After Neck InjuryHe’s expected to make a full recovery.
  30. get well soon
    President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized After FallHe broke a bone in his neck, but the situation is “not life threatening.”
  31. Secret Service Get Bad Press (Again)The former president didn’t seem too worried, though. 
  32. crying children
    7 Kids Who Did Not Enjoy the WH Easter Egg RollSometimes, the White House can be a dark place. 
  33. health update
    George H.W. Bush Released After Spending Christmas in the HospitalHe was experiencing shortness of breath.
  34. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    George H.W. Bush to Spend Christmas in the Hospital The 90-year-old former president experienced shortness of breath on Tuesday night.
  35. oh w.
    George W. Bush Unveils Portrait of His Dad’s ‘Gentle Soul’A father-son painting.
  36. happy things
    George H.W. Bush Celebrates 90th Birthday Like a Badass (While W. Instagrams)The former president said he had one more jump in him.
  37. read my lips
    George H. W. Bush Honored for Courageously Breaking ‘No New Taxes’ PledgeThat must take the sting out of losing the presidency in 1992.
  38. twitterverse
    George Bush Senior Is on Twitter From the Chest Up (So Far)Sock photos can’t be far behind.
  39. equal rites
    George H.W. Bush Served As Witness at a Lesbian WeddingWith the exception of W., the Bushes seem fine with gay marriage.
  40. photo op
    George Bush Shaved His Head in Solidarity With a Sick 2-Year-OldHeartwarming.
  41. the bush family
    George H.W. Bush Does Not Think America Has Had ‘Enough Bushes’He wants his son to run. His wife doesn’t.
  42. the national interest
    George W. Bush Hit in GOP Immigration CrossfireAnother innocent victim.
  43. presidential humor
    All the Presidents’ Jokes From the George W. Bush Library DedicationThese guys.
  44. applause-fest
    Many Hands Clapping: How Did the State of the Union Become an Applause-Fest?It started with Reagan. But Democrats are now the worst offenders.
  45. ink-stained wretches
    German Magazine Accidentally Runs George H. W. Bush ObituaryAnd it wasn’t very flattering.
  46. the bushes
    George H.W. Bush Is Less Sick Than He Was Earlier This WeekHe’s been moved out of the ICU.
  47. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Is Sick, Not Dying Please put the harps back in the closet.”
  48. get well soon
    George H.W. Bush Bantering With Nurses, Missing Dim Sum in Intensive CareThe former president spent a frustrating Christmas in the hospital.
  49. fiscal cliff
    Meet the Last Congressional Republican to Vote for Higher TaxesNew Mexico Senator Pete Domenici did it in 1990.
  50. death and taxes
    Anti-Tax Absolutist Grover Norquist Calls George H. W. Bush a LiarOn ABC, not to his face.
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