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7 of the Most Confusing Twists in Comedy History

There’s no shortage of confusing behavior going on in the entertainment industry. At this stage, the job description for becoming a celebrity might as well include something about carrying on in ways that nobody can understand. Comedians are [...]

By Tony Alpsen

August 2017 Standup Roundup: Tiffany Haddish, Maz Jobrani, and More

August was a politically charged, incredibly diverse month for standup specials. By the numbers we had: a special about immigration from an immigrant, a special about border politics from a Latino, a special about finally making it from a [...]

By Isaac Kozell

What Fans of Abruptly Canceled Shows Talk About

I “Like” a lot of shows on Facebook. Why? I could say it’s because I like having my Feed updated with news reports and interesting links about who’s going to be on this week’s Simpsons episode or about a wood carving of Ron Swanson that I can’t [...]

By Joshua Kurp

George Lopez Says Goodnight

Last night was Lopez Tonight's final episode, and while you know George Lopez is a millionaire and probably has offers rolling it from across the universe, consider my tears jerked. "When they asked me to do a talk show, I wanted it to be [...]

By Halle Kiefer

George Lopez Jokes About Getting Canceled

Say what you want about George Lopez, the man is going out the way we all should: riffing on our greatest disappointment. "In case you did not see the news on unemployment, it's at an all-time high and for Latinos, it just got a little higher," [...]

By Halle Kiefer