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  1. George Zimmerman Is Auctioning Off the Gun Used in Trayvon Martin’s ShootingHe calls it “a piece of American history.” 
  2. George Zimmerman’s Twitter Account SuspendedHe tweeted her contact information and accused her of sleeping with a “dirty Muslim.”
  3. Man Arrested for Shooting at George Zimmerman Matthew Apperson turned himself in to the Florida police on Friday.
  4. Man Claims He Shot at George Zimmerman in Self-DefenseMatthew Apperson’s attorney says Zimmerman waved a gun at him.
  5. George Zimmerman Injured in Florida Shooting, Police SayThe injury is reported to be minor.
  6. No Federal Charges Against George ZimmermanThe Justice Department announced the latest on the case this Tuesday.
  7. George Zimmerman’s Former Girlfriend Confirms That He Is a ‘Psycho’And you thought your ex was bad.
  8. George Zimmerman Arrested Yet AgainIt’s another assault charge. 
  9. George Zimmerman’s Family Wants to Become the Next KardashiansAs long as they don’t shoot someone else first.
  10. George Zimmerman Now Guards a Gun and Motorcycle Store, for Free Just in case anyone was wondering.
  11. George Zimmerman Will Not Be Cashing In on His 911 CallThe Trayvon Martin killer’s libel suit against NBC has been thrown out.
  12. George Zimmerman Was the Celebrity Guest at a Florida Gun ShowHe even signed autographs.
  13. George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Wants Trial ChangesWe know what happens when juries assume.
  14. Michael Dunn One-Ups George Zimmerman, Compares Himself to Rape VictimI’m the victor, but I was the victim, too.”
  15. George Zimmerman Wants You to Know How Rough He Has ItIn a series of TV interviews.
  16. George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing Match Has Been Canceled This is probably for the best.
  17. DMX Is George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing OpponentThough he wanted to take on Kanye.
  18. George Zimmerman Will Fight in Celebrity Boxing MatchThe next step in the post-scandal road to obscurity.
  19. George Zimmerman Can’t Even Paint Without Getting in TroubleHe ripped off an AP photo for his latest work.
  20. George Zimmerman’s Second Painting Is Even Less SubtleIt seemed impossible, but he’s proven us wrong.
  21. Watch George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Describe His Violent Gun EpisodesA video of her since-recanted statement to police has been leaked and it is disturbing.
  22. Fox News Kills George ZimmermanAlso, finds him guilty. 
  23. Someone Paid $100,099.99 for George Zimmerman’s American Flag Painting The lucky winner’s identity is not yet known.
  24. George Zimmerman Is Armed AgainSurely this is the last we’ll hear of him.
  25. Whoever Buys George Zimmerman’s Painting Will Also Get a Visit From HimHe plans to deliver it personally.
  26. George Zimmerman Painting Up to $100,000 on eBayIt’s a rip-off.
  27. George Zimmerman Is Selling His America-Themed Art on eBayLand of the free.
  28. George Zimmerman Gets Off AgainHe will not face domestic violence charges.
  29. George Zimmerman Gets Lucky Yet AgainThe Florida man’s girlfriend wants the abuse charges dropped.
  30. George Zimmerman Also Accused of Choking Girlfriend, Loses Gun for NowThe infamous Florida man’s bond was set at $9,000 for his latest incident.
  31. George Zimmerman Arrested Again in Domestic-Violence Incident [Updated]The world’s worst Florida Man is back.
  32. George Zimmerman Allegedly Left Behind Bullet-Riddled Target for WifeUgly divorce turns hideous.
  33. White Florida Man Dresses As Dead Trayvon Martin for HalloweenAnything for the laugh.”
  34. George Zimmerman’s Divorce Still Getting UglierHis mother-in-law called the police on him for stealing.
  35. Even the Police Chief Is Afraid of George ZimmermanA Sandy Hook waiting to happen?
  36. George Zimmerman Had Another Gun IncidentThe Trayvon Martin shooter was taken into custody following a domestic dispute.
  37. Shellie Zimmerman Will Not Stop Airing George OutAfter a divorce announcement, she’s piling it on.
  38. George Zimmerman’s Wife Filed for DivorceShellie is out.
  39. George Zimmerman Pulled Over Again for SpeedingThe acquitted killer got a ticket this time.
  40. George Zimmerman’s Wife Might Leave HimHe didn’t show up to court for her case.
  41. George Zimmerman’s Wife Also Avoided Prison TimeShe pleaded guilty to perjury and got probation.
  42. George Zimmerman Wants Florida to Cover His Legal BillsTo the tune of $200,000 to $300,000.
  43. George Zimmerman Went Gun-Shopping, Posed for PhotosHe toured a gun manufacturer in Florida.
  44. Trayvon Martin ‘Stand Your Ground’ PSA: VideoIt’s glossy but effective.
  45. George Zimmerman Is Now Speeding Around Texas With a GunGreat.
  46. Non-White Zimmerman Juror Wanted Guilty Verdict George Zimmerman got away with murder,” she said.
  47. unlikely heroes
    George Zimmerman Pulled Someone Out of a Crashed Truck [Updated]We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s actively seeking out opportunities for redemption.
  48. John McCain Also Thinks States Should Reevaluate Stand Your Ground LawsIncluding Arizona.
  49. Thousands (Including Beyoncé and Jay-Z) Attend Trayvon Martin Rallies [Updated]Al Sharpton organized 100 demonstrations across the country.
  50. How Conservatives Are Reacting to President Obama’s Race RemarksWith derision. Surprise!
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