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  1. global tech
    Mobile Apps Are Helping Ghanaian Farmers Avoid Exploitative MiddlemenMost farms in Ghana are small operations, and middlemen often take advantage. AgroCenta is a mobile platform that helps farmers avoid exploitation.
  2. gallery
    Artists Gather in the Fight Against Labor TraffickingBeauty for Freedom will exhibit the work at The Flat on Friday.
  3. the sports section
    GIF Recap: The United States’ Thrilling World Cup Win Over GhanaRe-live the Americans’ 2-1 victory in their World Cup opener.
  4. Say Cheese
    Boston Teacher Unsure How Her Face Ended Up on Ghana Restaurant’sBut there she is.
  5. witches
    Witch Accusations Are a Real Problem in GhanaA reminder that women accused of witchcraft in Ghana are sent to scary camps for witches.
  6. world cup
    Ghana Eliminates U.S. in World CupIt’s over for the Americans, but Ghana moves on to play Uruguay.