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Is the New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie a Remake, Not a Sequel?

Dan Aykroyd and Company have been working on a third Ghostbusters movie on and off for the past 15 years, but in an interview today with Collider, Ivan Reitman, director and producer of the original two movies and a producer on the third  one, [...]

By Bradford Evans

The Lost Roles of Chris Rock

Lost Roles is a weekly column exploring “what might have been” in movie and TV comedy as we take a different actor, writer, or comedian each week and examine the parts they turned down, wanted but didn’t get, and the projects that fell apart [...]

By Bradford Evans

‘Ghostbusters 3’ Has a New Writing Staff

At this point, the journey to make a third Ghostbusters movie can be the subject of a movie itself. Sure, it would be a documentary probably entitled "Ghostbusted" but a movie nonetheless. As the video above suggests, a new team of folks is [...]

By Jesse David Fox

A Smiling Bill Murray Calls Ghostbusters 3 a ‘Possibility’

Check out a brief interview Bill Murray did with Chicago's WGN, in which he talks mostly about the Cubs and the toll-free voicemail service he uses instead of getting an agent. His unorthodox career strategy has been widely known for a while [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Bill Murray May Have Literally Shredded the Ghostbusters 3 Script

I guess Bill Murray finally found the time to give that Ghostbusters 3 script a read. Extremely reliable news source The National Enquirer has reported that Murray hated it so much he physically shredded the script and sent it back to Harold [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Bill Murray Will Make A Great FDR As Soon As He Checks His Voicemail

It's only a matter of time before every project in Hollywood grinds to a halt awaiting Bill Murray's go-ahead. Which is as it should be. Vulture reported yesterday that Murray will play FDR in an film adaptation of the radio play Hyde Park On [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Ghostbusters 3 Script Is Done and Has Been Sent to Bill Murray

Moment of truth time for Ghostbusters 3: after spending all this time writing a script and talking about it, will the guys trying to get this movie made be able to convince the unpredictable Bill Murray to get on board? Hell, it seems like [...]

By Adam Frucci