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Shame on You for Downloading Ghostface Killah's New Album

Ghostface Killah, unimpressed with the Soundscan numbers for his latest record The Big Doe Rehab (35,000 sold, so far), has once again taken to YouTube, this time to scold his 115,000 MySpace friends for downloading the album on the Internet.

Ghostface Killah on ‘Rehab’ and His Many Inspirations

Ghostface Killah was responsible for two of 2006's best hip-hop releases with Fishscale and More Fish, and this year he's done it again with his excellent new solo album The Big Doe Rehab and 8 Diagrams, the long-anticipated new record from Wu-Tang Clan. He spoke with Vulture about Rehab, his record label, and why he's not competing with other rappers.

Shock: Ghostface Killah in eBay-Nonpayment Drama

Last month the Wu-Tang emcee announced intentions to sell a hat on eBay. When the bidding ended on November 4, the lucky winner of said hat — a fitted "Atlanta Backwoods" cap which, we'd like to remind you, has "been in front of Halle Berry" — agreed to deposit $355 in the PayPal account of Ghostface's intermediary seller. At least that was the plan.

Leaked: Wu-Tang Clan's ‘8 Diagrams’ Doesn't Disappoint

Touching on typical Wu-Tang subjects like samurais, prostitutes, coke, chess, and comic-book heroes, it’s everything Wu diehards want, and features the group’s eight living emcees (especially Method Man) at their best.