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  1. spoilers
    The Game of Thrones Finale, in 18 Essential GIFsThere was ice, there was fire, and there was A Song of Ice and Fire.
  2. nope nope nope!
    At Least Game of Thrones Gave Us This One Perfect GIFIt’s a beautiful, hilarious shot, the one funny moment in the bleak spectacle that is “The Bells.”
  3. select all
    If You Play the Shove Backwards, Donald Trump Is Homer SimpsonTrump steps back to hide behind his fellow NATO members.
  4. oscars 2015
    Neil Patrick Harris Calls Out Oprah for Being SuperrichDuh. 
  5. drake faces
    The Best Drake Faces in the ‘Anaconda’ VideoAn entire spectrum of emotions.
  6. florida man
    Congressman Joe Garcia Picks Ear, Eats It on Live TVSometimes the American public needs to see things that make them uncomfortable.
  7. very sad things
    Andrea Bargnani Hurt Himself Attempting the Saddest, Most Knicks Dunk EverWatch the GIF over and over again to feel the pain of Knicks fans.
  8. stuck in the mittle
    Here Is Mitt Romney Doing a Little Jig Onstage, with a live band!
  9. fun with gifs
    Rihanna and Cara React to Tonight’s ForecastEEEEEEEEK.
  10. yes we cannes
    Watch Tilda Swinton’s Hair Blow in the Cannes WindIt’s like a swirling soft-cream machine.
  11. gifcap
    This Week’s Mad Men GIFs: Peggy’s AccidentThat looked like it hurt.
  12. on language
    Obama Tech Team on GIFs: Hard G!“If people think it’s JIF, they’re not very smart.”
  13. deal with it
    The Week’s Mad Men in Two GIFs: Two Men, One Plane Featuring a classic Deal With It moment.
  14. clickables
    See the Necessary Gus Fring GIF From Last Night’s Breaking BadIf you watched, you know the one.