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  1. Trump’s ‘Unity’ Speech Was Actually Extremely PartisanWe were told Trump would offer an uplifting appeal to bipartisanship tonight. That was false advertising.
  2. 4 More Guantánamo Bay Prisoners Released They were sent back to Afghanistan.
  3. Obama Guards His Left Over TerrorismHawkish policies are now a political liability for the first time since 9/11.
  4. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Needs to Make Up for His Gitmo FailureThe president could do more despite Congress tying his hands.
  5. Imprisoned Former Bin Laden Translator Says LeBron James Is ‘Very Bad Man’He should apologise … “
  6. Leaked Gitmo Docs Show Al Qaeda Operatives Plotted to Cut Cables on the Brooklyn BridgeThey never acted on it.
  7. terrorble
    Leaked Gitmo Files Reveal Prisoners’ Threat Level Based on Flawed EvidenceIn many cases, prisoners were innocent. In others, released detainees went on to terrorize again.
  8. White House Nearing Compromise on Detainee TrialsEric Holder is being left out of this one.