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  1. the national interest
    Glenn Greenwald Tells Russians Liberals Are Blaming Them As Excuse for ClintonGreenwald in Moscow: “Excuses were needed … and that’s why there became this obsession with the Russian government.”
  2. How Glenn Greenwald Made the Russia Scandal DisappearRight-wing conspiracy theorists have been “relegated to obscurity,” he argues. What a relief!
  3. media
    Does Glenn Greenwald Know More Than Robert Mueller?The journalist’s war on the Russia investigation.
  4. Eagerness to Go on TV Has Warped Liberal Media, Glenn Greenwald Tells TV HostA strange theory for why the Fake News Media has been smearing Trump on Russia.
  5. The Alt-Right and Glenn Greenwald Versus H.R. McMasterStrange new allies wage a strange new war against the national security adviser.
  6. Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson Unite to Dismiss Russian Hacking AllegationsThe far-right and far-left join forces against the liberal media and its pro-Democrat, anti-Russian bias.
  7. Charlie Hebdo Point-Missers Miss PointWhat about white-on-Muslim crime?
  8. Matt Taibbi Leaves Omidyar’s First Look Media [Updated]Our differences were never about editorial independence,” says Omidyar.
  9. The U.S. Government Has a New Edward Snowden on Its HandsGlenn Greenwald’s the Intercept has a national security source with access to classified documents.
  10. Of Course Oliver Stone Is Directing an Edward Snowden MovieHe’s called the NSA leaker a “hero” and President Obama a “disgrace,” so …
  11. Times vs. Sullivan vs. Kinsley vs. GreenwaldTimesian self-hatred versus journalistic self-love.
  12. Brian Williams Lands Snowden InterviewThe NBC News anchor also interviewed Greenwald.
  13. Guardian, Washington Post Win Pulitzers for NSAA shared award in the public-service category.
  14. Glenn Greenwald Greeted by Media Scrum on His Return to the USAThe Polk Awards drew an impressive collection of intelligence world scourges.
  15. Journalists Win Polk Award for Snowden Leak ReportingNew question: “Accomplice” or “award-winning journalist”?
  16. Greenwald Launches Intercept, Links NSA, DronesThe new site reveals its point of view from the jump.
  17. Snowden’s Leaks Are Getting Their Own MagazineHelmed by Glenn Greenwald.
  18. Glenn Greenwald Does Not Think He’s Hogging the Snowden DocumentsThere’s much more to come, he says.
  19. Guardian Only Published 1 Percent of NSA DocsAbout one percent.”
  20. Meet Pierre Omidyar, the Next Philanthropic Aspiring Media MogulA “momentous new venture.”
  21. Glenn Greenwald Is Very Excited About His New JobIt’s a “momentous new venture.”
  22. Glenn Greenwald Spars With the Establishment Over Snowden ScoopsThe roguish reporter is still fighting.
  23. Greenwald’s Partner Had 58,000 Classified DocsMost of the files are still encrypted.
  24. Guardian, New York Times Team Up on Snowden DocsThe newspapers are teaming up on Edward Snowden’s documents.
  25. Snowden Denies New Leaks, Thinks the British Government Is Pretending to Be HimCounterintelligence?
  26. Jeffrey Toobin Thinks David Miranda Is Like a ‘Drug Mule’The CNN pundit is anti–Glenn Greenwald.
  27. U.K. Smashed Guardian Hard Drives to Stop LeaksYou’ve had your fun. Now we want the stuff back,” said one agent.
  28. British Authorities Detain Glenn Greenwald’s Partner for Nine Hours [Updated]And Greenwald is pretty sure he knows why.
  29. Bradley Manning Found Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy, Convicted on Other CountsThe WikiLeaks source was convicted on lesser charges.
  30. Glenn Greenwald’s Book Promises Even More Creepy News on Who’s Watching YouDue in March 2014.
  31. Snowden Is Just Hanging On to the Extra Top-Secret NSA ‘Blueprints’According to reporter Glenn Greenwald.
  32. Glenn Greenwald Is Ralph NaderLuckily he isn’t running for president.
  33. The Daily News Has Information About Glenn Greenwald’s DogA “hit piece” on Greenwald’s legal history is less than damning.
  34. Andrew Ross Sorkin Apologizes to Glenn GreenwaldHe apologized for saying he did.
  35. Gregory Asks If Greenwald Should Be ChargedAlso if Greenwald is even a journalist.
  36. DVD Chapters From the Future NSA Spying Scoop MovieEncrypted chats and a Rubik’s Cube.
  37. blog-stained wretches
    Glenn Greenwald Leaving Salon for the GuardianThe fire-breathing blogger needed a change.
  38. U.S. Government Subpoenas Twitter for WikiLeaks InformationMeet Birgotta Jonsdottir.
  39. Michael Moore Pledges $20,000 to Get Julian Assange Out of SolitaryAssange fights possible extradition and tries to secure bail in court today.