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God Is Watching Us

  1. god is watching us
    In India, the Gods Are Watching You Pee in PublicAnd hope you won’t do it in public.
  2. tv
    Get Ready for Celebrity Wife Swap’s Evangelical Theme EpisodeTed Haggard and Gary Busey are set to appear on the ABC reality show.
  3. from a distance
    Another Gay Escort Details Night With Christian-Right LeaderThat’s two. Do we hear three?
  4. from a distance
    Gay Escort Gave Nude Massages to Family Research Council FounderApparently they were both “ministering” to each other.
  5. from a distance
    Christian Right Leader Nabbed Traveling With Gay EscortOh yes.
  6. from a distance
    Ted Haggard and Wife to Go on Divorce CourtBut they’re not getting divorced.