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  1. literature
    Why a Short Story About a Terrible Date Went ViralThe New Yorker’s “Cat Person” shows how complicated bad sex really is.
  2. going viral
    The Misery Bookstore Meltdown Video, ExplainedFind out if the cashier was in on it.
  3. going viral
    Why YouTube Videos Go ViralPhysical arousal is key.
  4. the internet
    NYPD Not Down With Harlem Shake MemeUs either, really.
  5. the internet
    How David Pogue’s Marriage Proposal Went ViralIt was extremely complex, but not designed to be a public sensation.
  6. the internet
    Mindy Meyer’s Campaign Website Combines Hot Pink, LMFAO, and Sparkly GIFsThe aspiring state senator is for real.
  7. the internet
    What Happened to the Kony 2012 Campaign?The sequel video is due out this week.
  8. going viral
    OK Go Unleashes Another Magical Music VideoVictory for the little guy! (Sort of.)
  9. we reminisce over you
    You Really Should Spend Some Time Reflecting On 2009’s Best Viral VideosPlay them off, Keyboard Cat!