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  1. just asking questions
    The Quick Rise and Even Faster Fall of Groupon, Through the Eyes of Its CEOAndrew Mason tours us through his wild rise and fall.
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    Why Would Google’s Ex-CEO Predict a Separate Chinese Internet?Let’s put on our tinfoil hats and read too much into what Eric Schmidt had to say about China and the future of the internet.
  3. select all
    Google’s Internal Resistance Probably Won’t Keep It Out of ChinaA cadre of Google employees managed to stop Google’s work with the U.S. military. But Google seems much more ready to keep pushing on China.
  4. select all
    Trump Calls Google Results ‘RIGGED’Another supposed case of tech bias.
  5. Inside the Midterm Campaigns’ Fight to Stop Cyber Attacks — Before It’s Too LateEven if campaigns internalize 2016’s lessons — and have yet to be targeted — it’s likely they’re still behind on preempting the next round of threats.
  6. select all
    Google Tells Employees the Chinese Search Engine Is ‘Exploratory’CEO Sundar Pichai pledged more transparency.
  7. select all
    SEO Is Back. Thank God.Facebook says the traffic is gone and it’s not coming back.
  8. select all
    Google Tracks and Stores Your Location Even With Location History Turned OffEven if you’ve taken steps to limit the company’s location-data collection, they can create a timeline of your activity based on your location.
  9. Google Is Planning to Bring Its Search Engine to ChinaA custom app could breach the Great Firewall.
  10. Google Hit With $5 Billion Fine From E.U. Over Android BundlingIt hearkens back to the old Microsoft antitrust case.
  11. Google’s Phone Robot Is ‘Not Trying to Trick People’The company is starting to test its AI calling system, Duplex, with limited users and businesses this summer.
  12. Google Will Continue Defense Work, But Not on ‘Technologies That Cause Harm’The company won’t use AI to violate human rights, which is the least we can ask.
  13. Google Says It Won’t Renew Military ContractsThe controversial drone AI program made numerous employees resign.
  14. Google Maps … Please ChillI don’t need to save five minutes.
  15. Google, Facebook Already Facing Lawsuits Under New European Privacy LawThe E.U.’s new data-privacy law went into effect today — and Google and Facebook are already facing legal complaints.
  16. Google’s Sleight of Hand Does Duplex No FavorsFor questionable tech, transparency is the best policy.
  17. Google Duplex Makes Your Life Easier by Making It More Difficult for OthersA system designed to mask interacting with a computer should be scrutinized, not celebrated.
  18. Here Are the Biggest Announcements From Google I/OA lot of AI stuff.
  19. I Had to Teach My Alexa That Eggplants Were FruitEgg-plant, egg-plahnt. Let’s call the whole thing off.
  20. Gmail Gets a Major Face-lift and Productivity Boost, Starting TodayIt’s the first major redesign since 2012 to the world’s most popular email service.
  21. When Facebook ‘Disrupts’ Journalism, It Degrades Our DemocracyJournalists don’t cover Facebook harshly because it threatens their jobs — they do so because it threatens our republic (and, also, their jobs).
  22. empire building
    Why Chelsea Market Could Soon Become a Global ChainExpect at least two new locations to be announced before the end of the year.
  23. Why Wikipedia WorksIt could have gone horribly wrong, but Wikipedia is still one of the most trusted sites on the web.
  24. alicia vikander
    Alicia Vikander’s Friends Call Her Mrs. Google … Because She Is Good at GoogleAlicia, can you find this post?
  25. Waymo Begins Self-Driving Truck Test in AtlantaKeep an eye out for the bright-blue tractor trailers.
  26. This Is Why Alexa Is Laughing at YouYou’re powerless to stop her. She and her ilk grow in power with each passing day.
  27. Google’s Plan to Transform Email Is Deeply FlawedGoogle wants to change how you read email. It’s a bad idea.
  28. ‘Liberal Internet Companies’ Are the New Liberal MediaBecause of free speech.
  29. Google Will Sell Zagat to Review Site the InfatuationThe popular upstart site will give the 40-year-old service a “healthy future.”
  30. sexual harassment
    Former Google Employee Says Male Co-workers Spiked Her Drinks, Slapped HerIn a new lawsuit, engineer Loretta Lee details the company’s disturbing “bro culture.”
  31. Lawsuit Says Google Employee Fired for Speaking Out Against RacismGoogle employees are claiming that they have been fired or reprimanded for speaking out against racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.
  32. work
    Facebook and Google Employees Can Ask Each Other Out Once, But Only OnceAnd “I’m busy,” counts as a no.
  33. Google Is Set to Buy Chelsea Market for More Than $2 BillionDon’t worry: All of the amazing food vendors should be able to stay put.
  34. Google Says It Can Now Predict Flight Delays Before Airlines ThemselvesThanks to a bunch of historical data and machine learning.
  35. What Did Google Do With All Those Fine-Art Selfies We Sent Them?An explanation for anybody who was a little weirded out by Google’s Arts and Culture app.
  36. Google Employees Say They’re Being Harassed for Discussing DiversitySeveral of them have been doxxed on 4chan.
  37. You’ll Be Able to Turn Off Those ‘Reminder Ads’ You See on Nearly Every WebsiteYou know how if you’ve considered buying a coat once online, you suddenly see it everywhere? You’ll be able to make that go away soon.
  38. How to Use That Google App to Find Out What Piece of Art You Look LikeBecause you always wanted to know if your face was more Baroque or impressionistic.
  39. Google’s Fix for Racist Algorithm Was to Just Eliminate Gorillas From SearchBack in 2015, a Google algorithm mistakenly auto-tagged black people as gorillas.
  40. Alex Jones Is Reportedly Banned From GoogleEx-Googler and anti-diversity-memo writer James Damore filed a class-action lawsuit today, and it is just full of fascinating tidbits.
  41. silicon valley or "silicon valley?"
    ‘Diversity Memo’ Dude Sues Google for Discriminating Against White MenJames Damore alleges Google is singling out and terminating conservative Caucasian men.
  42. Google Is Reportedly Looking to Sell Off ZagatEven the search giant couldn’t make it compete with Yelp.
  43. the gender pay gap
    Woman Claims Google Paid Less-Qualified Male Colleague More for Same WorkPreschool teacher Heidi Lamar has joined a class-action suit against Google.
  44. Eric Schmidt Steps Down From Leading GoogleHe’ll remain as a technical adviser though.
  45. Amazon May Launch Its Own Version of YouTubeAre you ready to watch some Amazon Tube?
  46. select all
    We Need More Monopoly, Not LessJust let one tech giant win.
  47. select all
    Who Knows Me Better: Google or Facebook?Tumble down a surveillance rabbit hole with me to find out.
  48. shmoney gang
    Cardi B’s Favorite Fashion Brand Was Googled More Than Chanel in 2017Another win for the shmoney gang.
  49. select all
    Can Facebook and Google Be Disrupted?Or have they grown too big for unpopularity?
  50. Amazon Prime Video Finally Arrives on Apple TVIt’s so heartwarming when two massive companies can get along.
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