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‘Gossip Girl’ Goes Fancy in Brooklyn

A tipster spotted the cast of the Greatest Show of Our Time readying for the infamous Snowflake Ball, which will take place … in BK?

By Chris Rovzar

As Seen on TV

Further to its 'Gossip Girl' appearance, a history of the Brooklyn Inn's troubled relationship with bloggers.

By Daniel Maurer

The Secret Life of Gossip Girl

Our weekly reality index of the only show we've ever liked before it became cool.

By Jessica Pressler and Chris Rovzar

Who Will ‘Gossip Girl’ Off?

According to Gawker, one of our most beloved characters will meet his or her demise in an upcoming episode. Any clues as to who it will be?

By Chris Rovzar

The ‘Gossip Girl’ Final Point Tally

You people almost overwhelmed us with your brilliance (and, um, energy), but we've finally tallied up what was realistic and what was faketastic in this week's episode of the Best. Show. Ever.

By Chris Rovzar