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    7 Unbiased Name Suggestions for Duchess Kate’s Third ChildA few great name ideas for the new little prince, from Cut staffers.
  2. great ideas
    Would NYC Transit Be Better If Subway Stops Were Actually Subway Sandwich Shops?It probably wouldn’t be worse.
  3. great ideas
    Mariah Carey’s Early Life Is Becoming a Scripted Drama on StarzReality TV could not do Mariah justice, so her early years are becoming a dramatic series.
  4. great ideas
    Land O’Lakes Will Feed Hungry People If You Delete Your Instagram PostsIt will donate 11 meals for every shot of food porn you part with.
  5. justin bieber
    Justin Bieber Got a Face Tattoo, So That’s GreatCan you Beliebe it?
  6. great ideas
    Lewis Black Has a Kelly Ripa Co-host Suggestion Live With Kelly and Lewis
  7. Great Ideas
    America Finally Gets the All-Nacho Restaurant It DeservesNachoria gets serious about everybody’s favorite DIY drunk food.
  8. great ideas
    Buffalo Snowstorm Victims Forced to Survive on Frozen DoritosMother Nature is cruel.
  9. great ideas
    Burglar Breaks Into Woman’s House to Eat Cookie Dough Out of the FreezerBeen there.
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    Amy Poehler Designs a Superb Exercise ClassBody by Amy.
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    Rick Owens Replaced Runway Models With a Step TeamNow THIS is cool.
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    Lanvin’s CEO Will Not Deal With His E-mail TodayReuters delivers breaking news from the front lines of the FT Luxury Summit in Switzerland.
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    Finally, Antichrist to Become a Video GameNot for Wii, sadly.