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Great Moments In Cable News

  1. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on ISIS: ‘Convert Them or Kill Them’He offered some trenchant analysis on Fox News.
  2. Fox News Pundit Says Michelle Obama Needs to ‘Drop a Few’We’re taking nutritional advice from who?”
  3. The Most Insane Nancy Grace Moment of All TimeWatch the cable news host inform a Detroit man his missing son was found in his basement, live on TV.
  4. Republican Strategist Compares Obama Speech to SexThe worst there ever was is still excellent,” says Alex Castellanos.
  5. CNBC Reporter Regrets Suggesting ‘Mexican Music’ for Segment About Ted CruzIt was only because Ted Cruz is Texan. 
  6. MSNBC Kills the Wrong Congressman FoleyMark Foley, the one who sexted pages, is still alive. 
  7. Lawrence O’Donnell Seems to Think Yellowstone National Park Is in UtahIt is in Wyoming. 
  8. Sean Hannity Sounds Pretty Disappointed That Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Hate HimClearly secret best pals.
  9. CNN Attempts to Place Hong Kong on a Map, Is Off by 11,000 MilesThey put it in South America. 
  10. Christiane Amanpour Forgot to Silence Cell Phone During Live TV AppearanceWhoops. 
  11. MSNBC Map Puts Every City in the Wrong SpotDid they just guess?
  12. Fox Host Hit Baby in Face With a BasketballSigh. 
  13. Fox News Asks the Questions Nobody Else Is Asking Because They’re Dumb QuestionsWho is the bigger threat: Eric Holder or Ayman al-Zawahiri?
  14. Tornado Survivor Tells Blitzer She’s an AtheistI’m actually an atheist.”
  15. CNN Tornado Hero Wears ‘She Wants the D’ ShirtThey quickly decided to show some B-roll footage instead. 
  16. MSNBC Manages to Overhype Record-Breaking 24-Mile Space JumpThey say Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of light.