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Greg Smith

  1. Banker Who Quit Goldman Wants to Fix Your 401(k)Greg Smith is president of a midwestern retirement-savings start-up.
  2. The ABCs of Greg Smith: An Encyclopaedic Look at Goldman Sachs’s Black SheepA is for Axes, and other nuggets from Why I Left Goldman Sachs.
  3. 129 Minutes With Goldman Turncoat Greg SmithThe muppet search is so hollow. The real problem isn’t calling someone a muppet. It’s that reason you’re calling them a muppet is because they got tricked on an investment.”
  4. Roughly 4,000 Goldman Sachs Employees Were Excited for the Muppets MovieAnd other findings from the Greg Smith fallout.
  5. ‘Ninety-Eight Percent’ of Internal Goldman Muppets References Were About the MovieThat’s … a lot. And a very specific percentage.
  6. Top JPMorgan Banker Resigns After Leaking Inside InformationNot quite the Greg Smith method.
  7. Latest Goldman Sachs Quitter Has Only Nice Things to SayThe latest public resignation is a letdown after Greg Smith.
  8. Goldman Sachs’ Muppet Scare Is OverCompany e-mails reportedly came back clean.
  9. Ex-Goldman Executive Greg Smith Secures $1.5 Million Advance to Write Memoir Lloyd Blankfein is not expected to write a blurb.
  10. Greg Smith’s Book Advance Could Exceed His Goldman SalaryA million writers weep. 
  11. Dancing Muppets Tackle Goldman SachsAm I a muppet or a client?”
  12. Goldman Sachs Scans E-mail for ‘Muppet’ MentionsGuess this Greg Smith thing really got to Lloyd Blankfein.
  13. Goldman Sachs Op-Ed Writer Only Got Paid $150 for ColumnThat’s not even Muppet money.
  14. Goldman and the Great Muppet CaperGoldman’s clients don’t care what they’re called, so long as the returns are big.
  15. Bloomberg Boosts Goldman’s Damage-Control EffortBloomberg pays a visit to Goldman Sachs HQ.
  16. Goldman Sachs Not Alone in Condescendingly Calling Customers NamesEveryone in every industry ever sounds smug when referring to the people they’re meant to serve.
  17. Greg Smith’s Unlikely New Billionaire PalsThe fallout continues.
  18. Goldman Sachs Quitting Column Goes Viral With Pop-Culture Touchstones, ParodiesGreg Smith is today’s Internet star, thanks to his very public resignation.
  19. A History of Wall Street ‘F**k You’ ResignationsRemember Andrew Lahde and Jake DeSantis?
  20. Senior Banker Resigns From Goldman Sachs via Scathing NYT Op-Ed [Updated]Why not go out in style?