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Ground Zero Mosque

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    Anti-Mosque Leader Pamela Geller Is Doing It for South ParkTolerance is a two-way street.
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    Is the Ground Zero Mosque Moving?The latest news.
  3. the third terminator
    Is Mayor Bloomberg’s Endorsement a Mixed Blessing?How his mosque advocacy could change things.
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    Harry Reid Agrees With Sarah Palin on Ground Zero MosqueThe Democratic Senate majority leader wants it moved.
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    Hamas Gives Counterproductive Thumbs-up to Ground Zero MosqueThanks, Hamas!
  6. ground zero mosque mania
    Obama ‘Recalibrates’ on Ground Zero MosqueRights vs. Wisdom.
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    Obama Supports ‘Ground Zero Mosque’“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country.”
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    Will Obama Stand Up for the Ground Zero Mosque?He may or may not say something about it tonight.
  9. land of the free
    Mayor Bloomberg Wrote His Own Lines for Ground Zero Mosque SpeechAnd they were good ones.
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    Ground Zero Mosque Villain Was a Diplomat for George W. BushHuh, so why is Peter King so outraged about him being a diplomat for the Obama administration?
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    Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Ground Zero Mosque“Elected officials, particularly members of Congress, should not be weighing in on this debate.”
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    Even Democrats Oppose Ground Zero MosqueBut Manhattanites like it.
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    Fox News: Why Not Build the Mosque ‘in Woody Allen’s Building?’“That’s your go-to, out-of-touch, New York–liberal-Jew reference?”
  14. land of the free
    Fox News Host to Open Gay Bar Near Ground Zero Mosque“As you know, the Muslim faith doesn’t look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I’m building this bar,” writes Greg Gutfeld.
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    MTA Approves Ads in Opposition to Ground Zero MosqueThey’ll appear on city buses within ten days.
  16. land of the free
    Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Happens to Coincide With Other Anti-Mosque MovementsAll around the country, new mosques are being met with hostile protests.
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    ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Developers Still Need to Snag Half the Property From Con EdStalling this long-gestating development even more.
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    9/11 Firefighter Challenges Mosque Decision on Architectural GroundsThe building being replaced “recalls not only mid-19th century New York City, but also 16th-century Rome and Florence.”
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    Andrea Peyser Just Making Things Up About Ground Zero MosqueMosque critics were “gagged”?
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    Mayor Bloomberg’s Impassioned Defense of the Ground Zero Mosque“There is no neighborhood in this city that is off-limits to God’s love and mercy.”
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    Update - Scenes From the Ground Zero Mosque VoteEmotions ran high as the Landmarks Preservation Commission made its decision.
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    Ground Zero Mosque To Include 9/11 Memorial, Backers SayThe ADL still isn’t pleased.
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    It Looks Like the Ground Zero Mosque Is HappeningThe Landmarks Preservation Commission isn’t buying it.
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    Ground Zero Mosque an Increasingly Divisive Political IssueYou wouldn’t think this would be an issue at all. Alas …
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    Anti-Defamation League Might Want to Think About Revising Its Mission StatementIt comes out against the ground zero mosque.
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    How Close Is the Ground Zero Mosque to Ground Zero?A street-level walking tour.
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    Newt Gingrich Willing to Allow Mosque in New York If It’s 80 Blocks Away From Ground ZeroThey can build their downtown mosque near Central Park or Columbia.
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    Sarah Palin Weighs In on Ground Zero Mosque, Compares Herself to ShakespeareTweeting up a storm.
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    Nobody Wants to Air Crazy Ad by Ground Zero Mosque OppositionThe ad is as blatantly anti-Islamic as they come.
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    Ground Zero Mosque Gets Less Muslim-Invasion-Sounding NameManhattan will not be the next Islamic caliphate.
  31. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Says to Leave the Ground Zero Mosque AloneHe says investigating it would be “un-American.”
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    The Ground Zero Mosque Is Now a Campaign IssueRick Lazio wants Andrew Cuomo to investigate.
  33. land of the free
    Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Reaches Its NadirRadio host calls for mosque to be “blown up.”
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    Community Board Backs Mosque, As Relatives of 9/11 Victims Protest“It’s an insult,” says attendee. “It’s demeaning to build a shrine to the very ideology that attacked the World Trade Center.”
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    Mosque Near Ground Zero Could Be Halted by Landmark RulingAt least that’s what its critics are hoping.
  36. tea time
    Tea Party Leader Is Mad About Muslims Praying to ‘Monkey-God’ Near Ground ZeroWhoops!