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  1. a day in the life
    How Do the Rules of Russian Doll Compare to Groundhog Day?How similar is the time loop in Russian Doll to the time loop in Groundhog Day? Let’s break it all down.
  2. close reads
    From Groundhog Day to Russian Doll, the Inescapable Power of the Time LoopPop culture is no stranger to stories in which people keep reliving the same event. But Russian Doll digs into deeper territory.
  3. oh canada
    Groundhog Bites Journalist, We Get 6 More Weeks of BloodShubenacadie Sam did not come to play.
  4. broadway
    Broadway’s Groundhog Day Will Close September 17 (and on September 17)The Olivier-winning and Tony-nominated musical will start a national tour next year.
  5. De Blasio Reportedly Considering a Presidential Run (Don’t Do It, Bill)Like all New York mayors, he can’t help seeing a future POTUS in the mirror. But there’s no reason to think voters will agree.
  6. bill murray sightings
    Bill Murray Fully Committed to Part of Groundhog Day Broadway Audience MemberMurray didn’t hide his reactions, or tears, when he saw the musical for the first time.
  7. theater review
    The 9 Best Broadway Songs of the SeasonThe season’s standout tunes, featuring a lying teenager, several heroic Canadians, and a lot of drunken, angsty Russians.
  8. How Groundhog Day’s Andy Karl Tore His ACL and Opened the Show in 72 Hours“It was the worst day and the best day all in 15 minutes.”
  9. candids
    Andie MacDowell Visits the Broadway Production of Groundhog DayNo pressure, Bill.
  10. theater review
    Theater Review: Why Doesn’t This Groundhog Day Feel Fresh?The weak lyrics, mostly.
  11. broadway
    Andy Karl Will Return for Groundhog Day’s Opening After His InjuryKarl was injured in Friday night’s performance.
  12. broadway
    An Understudy Plays the Lead Role in Groundhog DayAndrew Call gave his first performance in the musical after the show’s star, Andy Karl, was injured Friday night.
  13. the theater
    Groundhog Day’s Lead Injured During Show Days Before Opening Night“Thank you all for hanging in there.”
  14. Spring Broadway Preview: Bette Midler, Groundhog Day, and More Must-See ShowsPlus Annie Baker’s latest and Patti LuPone versus Christine Ebersole.
  15. vulture cover story
    The Writer of Groundhog Day Has Been Living His Movie for the Past 24 YearsFor Danny Rubin, who wrote the beloved movie and the new musical, every day is Groundhog Day.
  16. Staten Island Chuck Doesn’t See His Shadow, Claims Early SpringThe critter also dodged an encounter with Mayor de Blasio this year.
  17. theater adaptations
    The Groundhog Day Musical Is Coming to BroadwayIt will make its U.S. debut in April at the August Wilson Theater.
  18. The ‘Groundhog Day’ Musical Debuts on Broadway in AprilMatthew Warchus and Tim Minchin’s Groundhog Day musical adaptation now has an official Broadway premiere date. The Wrap reports that after […]
  19. bing
    Was that a Groundhog Day Reference on the Last Silicon Valley?If you got Stephen Tobolowsky, might as well use him.
  20. international women's groundhog day
    Oh Look, a New Movie Starring Two White Dudes As CopsJust what we needed. Thanks, Hollywood!
  21. weather report
    Groundhog Predicts Endless Winter After Getting Head Stuck in CanThe police officers who rescued the rodent said he “took off without saying thank you.”
  22. groundhog day
    Grouchy Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor’s EarYes, really.
  23. Groundhogs Can’t Agree on Predictions for SpringIt’s almost as if we can’t rely on rodents to predict the weather.
  24. De Blasio Shouldn’t Have Held Groundhog It seems that the Staten Island Zoo violated the Animal Welfare Act.
  25. NYC Zoo Won’t Let Mayor Hold Groundhogs AnymoreProgress?
  26. Mayor de Blasio Has Ruined Groundhog Day ForeverWe now know the truth about Chuck. Can we ever trust his highly inaccurate weather predictions again?
  27. Staten Island Groundhog Predicts More Winter After Being Dropped by De BlasioSo much for improved mayor-groundhog relations.
  28. groundhog day
    This Missouri Rape Case Is Depressingly FamiliarLike Steubenville, with possible arson.
  29. groundhog day
    Jay-Z Really Loves His Theory Button-UpHe wore it three times in one week.
  30. Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck Agree Spring’s Coming Early This YearHuzzah!
  31. groundhog day
    Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Nightclub AssaultIs the NYPD profiling her?
  32. groundhog day
    Watch Groundhog Day, Now, on YouTubeLike you need an excuse.
  33. Staten Island Chuck’s Uninformed Prediction Is Preferable to Punxsutawney Phil’sThe groundhogs disagreed this year.
  34. Beer Me
    Early Birds Get the First Beers at Grey Lodge TomorrowPuxatony who?
  35. clickables
    What If Groundhog Day Were Remade As April Fools’ Day?“I put ink in your coffee.” Again.
  36. groundhog day
    Happy Ned Ryerson Day!“He said, ‘You signed me to a big life insurance policy.’ He was certain. Finally his wife intervened and said, ‘No, honey. This isn’t our real insurance man; he was the insurance man in that movie.’”
  37. clickables
    Read a Super-Thorough Breakdown of the Number of Days Bill Murray Relived in Groundhog DayThe evidence is really quite compelling.
  38. Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck Predict Short WinterCan we really trust these groundhogs?
  39. Foodievents
    Neither Freezing Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet Shall Keep Revelers From GreyNo matter what Old Man Winter dishes out, nothing’s going to stop the thirsty and seasonally affected from turning out.
  40. tv
    Nerdily Chuckle at Nerdy Lost–Groundhog Day CartoonNerds.
  41. Groundhogs Undermine Each Other’s Weather PredictionsCould it be that this system is flawed?
  42. movies
    Enjoy a Tribute to Ned Ryerson, the Unsung Hero of Groundhog DayCelebrate today’s holiday by remembering the hilarious insurance salesman.
  43. answers
    Harold Ramis Answers History’s Most Burning QuestionBill Murray spent “30 or 40 years” reliving the same day in ‘Groundhog Day,’ says Ramis.
  44. things that will never happen
    Groundhog Day: The Musical to Possibly ExistSurely they’ll get Nathan Lane to play Ned Ryerson.
  45. agenda
    Ironically, Bill Murray Never Repeated This PerformanceThe greatest Bill Murray movie of all time is out on DVD — not, poetically enough, for the first time, but now in the form of a fifteenth-anniversary edition that includes deleted scenes, a making-of doc, and, most crucially, a special feature on marmots.
  46. Staten Island’s Spring Awakening Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, and so did Holtsville Hal on Long Island. But the only weather marmot residing in New York City — Staten Island Chuck — woke up, saw no shadow, and thus allows us to confidently predict spring will come early for our fair (if, granted, soon to be inundated) city. The good people at Gothamist provide the picture we’ve been looking for, and it reminds us — in case we’ve forgotten — that Brooklyn Chuck will never miss a chance for a photo op. Early Spring, Says Staten Island Chuck [Gothamist]
  47. There Either Will or Will Not Be Six More Weeks of Winter • We can all agree it’s Groundhog Day, but there’s little agreement beyond that. Contradictory early-morning behavior from local groundhogs Staten Island Chuck, Holtsville Hal, and Malverne Phil casts uncertainty on the duration of winter. [Newsday] • Hillary Clinton has announced that her presidential fund-raisers must pony up a record-breaking $1 million apiece to make her BFF inner circle. (By comparison, Dubya’s BFF benchmark in 2000 was a trifling $100,000.) The burning question: Should the HRC BFFs be called “Pathfinders” or the naughtier “Hillraisers”? [NYT] • Just in time for Black History Month, and egged on by rap legend Kurtis Blow, the City Council ponders a resolution to urge all New Yorkers to stop using the N-word. And even when you end it with an a, dawg. [amNY] • In the political equivalent of wearing the same dress to the dance, ‘08 rivals Giuliani and McCain learned they’d be sharing top billing in May at a big New York State GOP fund-raiser — and some party insiders are calling it a major dis to Rudy. [NYP] • One day after he suggested that Barack Obama was the first black presidential candidate to master both English and personal hygiene, Senator Joe Biden hit Al Sharpton’s radio show to insist he had the highest regard for the Rev’s syntax. [NYDN]