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Gun Safety

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    Pelosi, AOC Warn Moderate Democrats to Stop Voting With the GOPThe spat over gun-vote defections shows Pelosi may have to choose between imposing party discipline on moderates, or moving fewer “messaging” bills.
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    School Gifts Eighth-Graders Bulletproof Shields for GraduationIntended to protect them in the event of a shooting.
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    School Class About Gun Safety Ends With Teacher Accidentally Firing GunThree students were injured.
  4. 3-D-Printed Guns Will Soon Require a Background Check in CaliforniaThe law took two years to pass.
  5. This Gun Lock Connects to a Smartphone App to Make Gun Ownership SaferIt was created by Israeli IDF Special Forces and elite technology-unit vets.
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    Schumer Removed a Gun Scene After OrlandoThe film is her upcoming comedy with Goldie Hawn.