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Lourdes Just Couldn’t Take the Fighting Anymore

She wants mom and dad back together, and Little Malawi David probably does, too. Also, come on with Cin to the Fulton Fish Market! In the Ides of January gossip roundup!

By Tim Murphy

Jessica Stam Is Having Boy Trouble

Which makes us feel, like, zero percent bad for her, because even people with alien-goddess faces need to deal with schlubs sometimes.

By Tim Murphy

Billy Joel Self-Pops Cherry for Obama

Did he REALLY have to put it that way? Plus, Tom and Gisele are probs getting married — awesome, you guys! In Monday's gaggle o' gossip.

By Tim Murphy

Madonna Divorce ‘Shocker’!

According to the London ‘Sun’ and the ‘Post,’ today’s the day the couple will confirm what everyone saw coming.

By Chris Rovzar