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  1. Update: Times Subscribers Spammed in E-mail ScrewupAll the News That’s Fit to Spam.
  2. the internet
    Social Media ‘Professional’ Forgot to Protect His PasswordOvernight Twitter takeover is a warning to social media experts everywhere.
  3. the future is coming
    Facebook: So You Say You Want a Tunisian RevolutionWe can help with that.
  4. the future is coming
    Human Centipede Facebook HackProtest Facebook and celebrate Dutch horror movies at the same time!!!
  5. gawker
    Gawker Hacked, Private User Information Possibly Stolen [Updated]“Our user databases appear to have been compromised.”
  6. hacks
    Is Michael Bay Going to Skip Out on Transformers 3?It’s entirely possible!
  7. hacks
    Artist Arrested for Subpar Subway VandalismSeriously, a smiley face?