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Hairy Situations

  1. hairy situations
    The Most Beautiful Hair From Curlfest 2018It’s the world’s largest celebration of natural hair.
  2. bottled blondes
    Why Does Every Male Celebrity Look Like Draco Malfoy Now?My father will hear about this.
  3. hairy situations
    My Entire Summer Beauty Mood Board Is This One Cool TeenI’ll have what she’s having.
  4. hairy situations
    So, Pikachu Got BangsAww, c’mere, Pikachu. It will all be okay.
  5. hairy situations
    This Is the Biggest, Best Hair at Haute Couture Fashion WeekThe higher the hair, the closer to heaven.
  6. hairy situations
    Ariana Grande Is Bringing Back This ’90s Hair AccessoryShe wore it in that lollipop picture.
  7. hairy situations
    Why Did Sandra Bullock’s Hair Look So Good in Prison?Oceans 8 hairstylist Lona Vigi did her job too well.
  8. best bets
    Meet the Anti-ScrunchieIt’s French.
  9. help!!!
    How to Get Rid of DandruffWays to treat the pesky, itchy flurries.
  10. hairy situations
    Read This Before You Get a Keratin TreatmentEverything to know about the popular hair-straightening process.
  11. hairy situations
    Bumble and Bumble’s Beach Wave Spray Has a New ScentHair perfume meets sea-salt spray.
  12. royal wedding 2.0
    Is This a Clue to Meghan Markle’s Wedding-Day Hair Plan?Her former hairstylist says she’s a fan of this treatment.
  13. lunchtime buy
    This Hair Conditioner Helps Save WaterIt’s highly efficient.
  14. did it on em
    Nicki Minaj’s New Music Videos Are Filled With Beauty InspirationTo help her “pop sh*t.”
  15. the beauty of it all
    Daniel Kaner of Oribe Wants to Bottle Kindness and CompassionThe president of Oribe on Gordon Gekko hair and a podcast tear-jerker.
  16. hairy situations
    Ouai Created a Modern Version of Sun-InA lemon-juice mix for your hair, not your water.
  17. hairy situations
    The Rachel Dolezal Documentary Gave Us the Hair Tutorial We Didn’t Ask ForShe shows off her wig technique.
  18. hairy situations
    A Hair-Care Line That Will Make Your Dye Job Last LongerIt starts with a trip to the salon.
  19. hairy situations
    Ouai’s Newest Product Is a Blessing for Curly HairThank you, Jen Atkin.
  20. hairy situations
    Behold: The Prettiest Spring Hair AccessoriesFrom a $5 gold cuff to Versace barrettes.
  21. hairy situations
    This New Dry Conditioner Will Make Curly Girls Wash-and-Gos Last LongerNo more day-long wash days multiple times a week.
  22. 10 Products to Shop During Sephora’s Annual Beauty Insider SaleWork up to that VIB Rouge status.
  23. new faces of things
    Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Is the New Face of John FriedaVeronica Lodge is taking over the hair-care industry.
  24. hairy situations
    What 9 Women Think of the New Fancy ScrunchiesThe much-maligned hair accessory is back.
  25. now smell this
    Everything in This New Beauty Collection Is Infused With CrystalsLet’s get metaphysical.
  26. hairy situations
    Ouai Supersized Its Best-Selling Hair OilThe magnum of hair products.
  27. hairy situations
    Moroccanoil Is Creating Their First Curling IronIt’s made of titanium [Sia voice].
  28. hairy situations
    Your Guide to All the Wigs on The Real Housewives of AtlantaBecause we all know they’re the real stars.
  29. hairy situations
    Everyone’s Favorite Hairspray Is Now Oil-InfusedElnett gets even better.
  30. hairy situations
    This Sugar Spray Is the Secret to the Best Beach WavesThose salt sprays are doing nothing for your hair.
  31. hairy situations
    Meghan Markle and Her Messy Bun Go to Northern IrelandWith Prince Harry.
  32. hairy situations
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is an International Scrunchie ShopperScrunchies make the best souvenirs.
  33. hairy situations
    Pantene’s New Shampoo and Conditioner Use an Unexpected Skin-Care ProductMicellar water is a key to healthy strands.
  34. hairy situations
    The Kardashians’ Hairstylist Made the Perfect Product for Beachy WavesAre you down to DTF? Dry texture foam, that is.
  35. hairy situations
    Silk Scrunchies Are HereTopanga Lawrence would love these.
  36. hairy situations
    Why Is Timothée Chalamet’s Hair So Great?Call me and explain how you get your hair to look that way, please.
  37. hairy situations
    Mickey Mouse Buns Have Usurped Space BunsOpening Ceremony’s tribute to Disney included mousy hair.
  38. hairy situations
    Here Are the Perfect Conditioners for Thin HairLightweight and non-greasy.
  39. hairy situations
    The Best Spring Hair-Color Ideas“Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions” blonde and pink hair are back.
  40. hairy situations
    Please Admire This Russian Senator’s Enormous Flat-TopIt defies logic. And gravity.
  41. bald is the new black
    A Brief History of Famous Women Shaving Their HeadsWhy 21 famous women went bald.
  42. backstage beauty
    Feathered Hair Is BackBut not in the way you think.
  43. hairy situations
    Beyoncé Ditches Her ‘Mom’ Hair, AgainShe’s found a middle-ground between bobs and butt-length braids.
  44. hairy situations
    Lil’ Kim Is Behind Kim Kardashian West’s Latest HairdoYou read that right.
  45. hairy situations
    Trump Admits He ‘Tries Like Hell’ to Hide His Bald SpotThe president bravely spoke his truth to the audience at CPAC today.
  46. hairy situations
    This New Hairbrush Is Eco-friendly and Great for Your HairHair today, gone in five years.
  47. hairy situations
    Sephora Finally Has More of This Best Selling Holographic Hair DyeNo mo’ FOMO.
  48. hairy situations
    Beyoncé’s New Hairdo Is Nearly As Long As BeyoncéShe now has supersize braids.
  49. nyfw fall 2018
    Banana Clips Are Cool AgainAlexander Wang brings back a ’90s favorite for a modern take on CEO beauty.
  50. what should i get
    4 Hairstylists on How They Would Spend $60 at AmazonWhy they would buy scrunchies and the best drugstore hairspray.
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