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Hakeem Jeffries

  1. early and often
    Is Hakeem Jeffries the Next Speaker — or Just Ripe for a Primary Challenge?The Brooklyn congressman has been pegged for political stardom. But the arrival of AOC in Washington might complicate his life.
  2. politics
    Democrats Elect Younger, More Moderate Caucus Chair Over Progressive StalwartHakeem Jeffries’s win over Barbara Lee suggests Democratic representatives are reluctant to go too far to the left.
  3. early and often
    Scott Stringer Is Positioning Himself to Run Against Mayor de BlasioThere’s a growing body of evidence the comptroller might launch a primary challenge.
  4. neighborhood news
    MoveOn.org Is Sorry for Picking on, Quoting Charles Barron The organization promises to unite, not divide, the progressive left going forward.
  5. politics
    Hakeem Jeffries Wins Eighth District Democratic Primary [UPDATED]Jeffries wins and wins big.
  6. politics
    Charles Barron Versus Hakeem Jeffries for Congress: A PrimerThe Democratic primary in New York is way more interesting than it was supposed to be.