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Haley Barbour

  1. Republicans Call Out Hurricane Sandy for Stealing Romney’s Momentum It really was quite the October surprise. 
  2. Is Jon Huntsman the GOP’s New Antiwar Candidate?He seems to want out of Afghanistan, like, right now.
  3. Haley Barbour Decides Against Futile Run for GOP NominationGood call!
  4. Mitt Romney Still the Front-Runner, Say InsidersSarah Palin is whatever you call the person ninth most likely to win the nomination.
  5. Haley Barbour Admits That Abolishing Slavery Was a Good ThingBREAKING x 1000.
  6. Haley Barbour’s Son Doesn’t Take Criticism WellHe lashes out after Bill Kristol writes a critical piece about his dad.
  7. Why Don’t More Republican Presidential Candidates Want to Leave Afghanistan?Haley Barbour is the only one, so far. But why aren’t there more?
  8. Haley Barbour’s Office Tries, Fails to Make Japanese Tsunami FunnyHis press secretary is to blame.
  9. Now Haley Barbour Says He’ll Veto Plan to Honor KKK LeaderHow nice of him.
  10. Haley Barbour Refuses to Denounce Long-Deceased KKK LeaderAnother really bad call!
  11. What You Need to Know About CPACThe gay controversy, the Palin controversy, the presidential horse race, and more.
  12. Atonement, Thy Name Is BarbourHaley Barbour is pushing for Mississippi to build a civil rights museum.
  13. Haley Barbour Wisely Decides to Temper His Appreciation of White Supremacist GroupAfter yesterday’s outrage, the potential presidential hopeful backpedals.
  14. Potential Presidential Candidate Haley Barbour Fondly Remembers White Supremacist GroupWhy this was probably not a mistake.
  15. Haley Barbour Has Some Friendly/Selfish Advice for Mayor BloombergDon’t run.
  16. Three Ways to Evade the Question ‘Is Sarah Palin Qualified to Be President?’It’s a skill that Republicans must continue to hone for at least the next year or so.
  17. Republicans Still Plotting to Oust Michael SteeleThe RNC chair is facing a shadow campaign engineered by Haley Barbour’s nephew.
  18. Haley Barbour Defends Virginia’s Confederate History Month ProclamationIt “doesn’t amount to diddly,” Barbour said.
  19. Taking It Easy on ToyotaWho was really on the stand at yesterday’s hearing?