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Hamid Karzai

  1. Obama Loses Patience With Karzai, May Pull All Troops From AfghanistanRather than leaving a “residual force.”
  2. Live-in Divorce: Afghanistan EditionWe don’t want to be together, but we can’t live apart just yet. 
  3. Afghan President Karzai’s Brother Killed in KandaharAhmed Wali Karzai was the No. 1 man in southern Afghanistan.
  4. Did President Hamid Karzai Provoke Terry Jones–Related Riots in Afghanistan?Think about the timing of these protests.
  5. David Petraeus Offers an Apology for Deaths of Nine AfghansThe dead were nine children between the ages of 9 and 15.
  6. Joe Biden Lands in Afghanistan for Surprise VisitThe White House is projecting the message: Attention is being paid to this battlefront.
  7. When in Afghanistan ...Pay people in sacks of money.
  8. Hamid Karzai’s Aide: Oh, You Thought He Meant Secret ‘Talks’ With the Taliban?Don’t even worry about whether anyone will be sitting behind tables.
  9. Taliban Members Hiding in Pakistan Get NATO Escort to Peace TalksIt’s probably nice to get away from those drones for a couple of days.
  10. Hamid Karzai Confirms Secret Talks With the TalibanHe tells Larry King that there have been unofficial negotiations, which is what everyone suspected.
  11. Taliban and Karzai in Preliminary Talks to Negotiate End to Afghan War, Sources SayTaliban is “very, very serious about finding a way out.”
  12. A Pros and Cons List for Including Karzai in the Fight Against CorruptionPerhaps our handy list could help?
  13. Key Karzai Aide Is Linked to CIASalehi had been at center of corruption investigation.
  14. Karzai Orders Shake-up at the Top in AfghanistanDecision comes as a surprise to NATO.
  15. Hillary Clinton Makes a Special Surprise Visit to AfghanistanHamid Karzai has some explaining to do.
  16. Hamid Karzai Has 99 Problems, But Voter Fraud Ain’t OneHe’ll be the president again, even though a lot of the votes for him weren’t technically real.
  17. New Administration Already Tackling Afghanistan, Which Is Already ResistingBy picking Robert Gates for Defense secretary, Obama has given himself the power to start preparing his Afghanistan strategy before he even gets into office.