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For New York's Salvation Army, Charity Ends at Home

Such is the demonic power of the Manhattan real-estate market: It even corrupts the gentle bell-ringers of the Salvation Army. Today's Daily News reports that the megacharity is harassing hundreds of female tenants in its single-room-occupancy hotels, with an eye on emptying the properties and selling them. Apparently the Army is not above using intimidation tactics out of the standard landlord playbook: Scared residents tell of being barged in on by teams of four or five strangers bearing eviction notices and video cameras. Why? Because temptation is high. One of the two buildings, the Parkside Evangeline on Gramercy Park, is valued at over $100 million. One assumes it will make for a hell of a luxury-condo address; thing is, it was donated to the Salvation Army for the express purpose of providing housing for needy women. Isn't that a problem? "We're going to redeploy our assets and move them to where they can do the most good," said a spokesperson. Spoken like a true soldier. They Need Salvation From Army [NYDN]