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  1. An Ugly Snow Day at Harvard Business School I’ll Never Be Able to ForgetA decade after graduating, a notorious incident with another classmate keeps coming back to haunt me.
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    Channing Tatum Is Now a Student at Harvard Business SchoolLike many who came before him, he’s a scholar by day, stripper by night.
  3. studies
    Science Shows Humblebragging Doesn’t Even WorkYou’re better off sticking to old-fashioned regular-bragging, without the false humility.
  4. consumer behavior
    Reusable-Bag Users Might Buy More Junk FoodWe like to reward ourselves for being good. 
  5. Stop Asking ‘What Should I Do?’How a simple word swap can broaden your thinking.
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    You Can Be a ‘Harvard Business School’ ‘Graduate’ for Just $1,500 NowIntroducing the HBS CORe program, the underachiever’s fast-track to greatness.
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    How Do You Change a Bro-Dominated Culture?Get the non-bro white guys on your side.
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    Tyra Banks Graduated From Harvard Business School TodayShe took Twitpics during the ceremony.
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    What’s Tyra Banks’s Valentine Gift to Harvard Business School?Herself!
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    No One Wants to Go to Business School AnymoreApplications are down for a third straight year.
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    Real Businessmen Make Stuff, Says HBSOr at least push paper for industries that make stuff.
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    Breaking: 150 Harvard Business School Students Are Interested in Fashion, Quite Possibly Attractive’Page Six Magazine’ brings you the fashion stories you DON’T know.
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    Wall Street Will Be Fine So Long as Harvard Grads Stay Far, Far AwayThis year 28% of Harvard Business School grads took jobs in the financial world. Have you adjusted your portfolio accordingly?
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    Charlie Gibson’s ‘World News’ Reaches an All-Time LowBut it WAS over the holiday weekend, so we forgive him. Plus, another dude climbs the ‘Times’ building, Lehman considers Jersey, the Plaza has a big flip, and summer associates get down on their knees, in our daily industry report.
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    Judith Regan: At What Price, America?MEDIA • Jeff Bercovici wants to know: “What’s Regan’s price for selling out her country?” After all, if Regan’s info on Giuliani is that damaging, shouldn’t she divulge it in any case, no matter how much Uncle Murdoch is willing to offer? [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Dan Rather’s lawyers are getting fed up with CBS nondisclosure agreements. “Who do these guys think they are? The National Security Agency?” [NYO] • Intrepid Observer reporter spends 45 minutes staring through a window just to see who showed up to a lame Times party. Now that’s journalism! [Media Mob/NYO]
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    Harvard MBAs: Dooming Wall Street With Their Enthusiasm?For a while now, our friends at DealBreaker.com (and the banking expert Ray Soifer) have been telling us that the rate at which Harvard Business School graduates are taking jobs on Wall Street may be a contrary indicator of how the market will do. “When 10% or less of a graduating class take Wall Street jobs, it’s a long-term buy signal,” they explain. “When 30% or more take Wall Street jobs, it’s a big flashing sell signal.” How many Harvard MBAs took jobs on the Street this year? 44 percent. That’s combined with an altogether decrease in the amount of work experience among the grads. Yipes! Not that we needed this indicator to tell us we’re all fucked in the coming year. But at least it’s nice that now we have such a deliciously scape-able goat. Even More Harvard Business School Students Ruining Wall Street [DealBreaker]