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  1. power
    Harvard Finds Decades-long Pattern of Sexual Misconduct by Former ProfessorProfessor Jorge Domínguez has been disinvited from the Harvard campus and events following an investigation.
  2. college admissions scandal
    Fencing Coach’s Fishy Home Sale Brings Admissions Scandal to HarvardThe Ivy wasn’t involved in the Varsity Blues probe, but a Harvard dad buying a coach’s house at a huge markup is drawing new admissions scrutiny.
  3. women and power
    The First Female Harvard President Was Nicknamed ‘Chainsaw Drew’Civil War scholar Drew Gilpin Faust retired in June after 11 years. During her time, the number of tenured female faculty rose by 47 percent.
  4. the kavanaugh hearings
    Kavanaugh Will No Longer Teach at Harvard in the SpringThe dean of Harvard Law School announced that Kavanaugh will not be teaching a class on the Supreme Court in 2019.
  5. foodies
    Jared Kushner Was the ‘Cooking Editor’ of His College MagazineMajor foodie news.
  6. quotables
    A Groundbreaking Creative Duo on What Happens When Art Meets FashionThe two talked about the death of criticism and the future of fashion at Harvard last night.
  7. Warren Fights Back Against Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ SlurWarren defends her own Native heritage and then goes after Trump for disrespecting Natives in word and deed.
  8. politics
    Silent Protesters Just Confronted Betsy DeVos at HarvardThey held up signs opposing white supremacy and her rollback of Obama-era campus sexual assault guidelines.
  9. dads
    Barack Obama Cried After Dropping Malia Off at Harvard“It was a little bit like open-heart surgery.”
  10. Harvard Revokes Chelsea Manning’s Visiting-Fellow InvitationCIA director Mike Pompeo and former CIA deputy director Michael Morell protested Manning’s fellowship.
  11. Harvard Revokes Chelsea Manning’s Visiting-Fellow InvitationCIA director Mike Pompeo and former CIA deputy director Michael Morell protested Manning’s fellowship.
  12. freshman
    Looks Like Malia Obama Is All Moved In at HarvardShe was spotted with her parents, Barack and Michelle, on campus.
  13. renewals
    Amid Cancellations, Netflix Gives Friends From College a Second SeasonAnother season of great (and inexplicable) Fogo de Chão references.
  14. J.Law Likes That Darren Aronofsky Isn’t All Harvard-y About Going to Harvard“I normally don’t like Harvard people.”
  15. legal challenges
    How Jeff Sessions Might Channel the Far-Right Crusade Against Affirmative ActionThe DOJ inserting itself into this debate would represent a dramatic break with history and prior practices.
  16. college
    Harvard’s First Female President Is Stepping DownShe’s leaving the position in June 2018.
  17. memes
    Harvard Rescinds 10 Offers to High Schoolers Who Posted Offensive MemesOne of the memes referred to hanging a Mexican child as “piñata time.”
  18. select all
    Harvard Rescinds 10 Offers to High Schoolers Who Posted Offensive MemesOne of the memes referred to hanging a Mexican child as “piñata time.”
  19. advice
    Girls Who Code Founder Reshma Saujani Has Surprising Advice for Women LeadersShe gave a commencement at Harvard, where she had some surprising advice for graduates.
  20. last night on late night
    Rachel Dratch and Jimmy Fallon’s Boston Teens Are Now Grown-up Boston Adults“Is there an in-house Dunkin’?”
  21. awards
    Viola Davis to Add Harvard’s Artist Award to Her Crowded Award-Display CaseDavis has already received many awards for her role in Fences.
  22. rihanna for president
    Watch Rihanna Receive Harvard Humanitarian Award & Give an Inspirational Speech“If you have a dollar then you have plenty to share.”
  23. Harvard Has Named Rihanna Its Humanitarian of the YearWho needs an Anti Grammy?
  24. original video
    Harvard Was Actually Elle Woods’s Last-Choice School in Legally BlondeThe book had it entirely different.
  25. Another Harvard Sports Team Was Found Rating Their Female CounterpartsFirst, it was the soccer team, and now it’s the cross-country team.
  26. sexism
    Harvard Cancels Men’s Soccer Season After Teammates Rate Female Players’ Bodies“The decision to cancel a season is serious and consequential.”
  27. Harvard Women’s Soccer Team Responds to Men’s Explicit ‘Scouting Report’“‘Locker room talk’ is not an excuse because this is not limited to athletic teams. The whole world is the locker room.”
  28. The Harvard Men’s Soccer Team Wrote Sexual ‘Scouting Reports’ of Female PlayersIt was publicly searchable on Google Groups until recently.
  29. campus rape
    Anonymous Harvard Student Pens Op-ed About Being a Rape SurvivorAnd why she thinks closing finals clubs is not the answer.
  30. Harvard Just Developed the First Entirely Soft RobotAlso, it’s pretty cute.
  31. casting couch
    Netflix Orders Stoller’s Friends From CollegeAnd by college, we mean Harvard.
  32. This Groundbreaking ‘Bionic Leaf’ Converts Sunlight and Water Into Liquid FuelSpoiler: It doesn’t really look like a leaf you’d find on the ground.
  33. Researchers at Harvard Created a Robotic Bee That’s Scarily LifelikeIt’s essentially a bee-shaped drone.
  34. select all
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Ghost Haunted the Harvard 2006 ReunionSearching for the second-most-successful person at the Facebook founder’s ten-year reunion.
  35. Malia Obama Is Going to HarvardShe’ll be part of the class of 2021.
  36. Stephen Hawking Thinks Black Holes Could Be Portals to Another UniverseIn a talk at Harvard, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking revealed a mind-blowing theory on black holes. 
  37. college
    All-Dude Harvard Club Says Admitting Women Could Increase Sexual AssaultThe P.C. won’t kowtow to the p.c. police.
  38. game changers
    Meet the First Trans Athlete to Compete in a Division I Men’s SportSchuyler Bailar was initially recruited for the women’s swimming team, but chose to be his true self — and relinquish his spot atop the podium.
  39. campus protests
    Harvard Law School Wants to Get Rid of Its Racially Charged EmblemSchool officials have decided that the controversial 80-year-old crest no longer represents the institution’s values.
  40. Conservative Alumni Want to Make Harvard the Cheapest College in the CountryFour conservative Harvard alumni — and Ralph Nader — are pushing to end tuition at Harvard. And affirmative action.
  41. campus sexual assault
    New ‘Disturbing’ Campus-Assault Survey ResultsAn independent survey of the sexual-assault climate at 27 different American colleges was released Monday.
  42. college
    Harvard Women Finally Receive Invitation to Boring Rich-Dude ClubFinally Harvard women are given the chance to attain the social life of a Winklevoss twin.
  43. ask an expert
    A Harvard Geneticist on Jurassic World’s Science George M. Church is a leading light in the “de-extinction” efforts.
  44. The Brutal Application Process to (Sue) HarvardAn elite class of rejected applicants is suing the school for racial bias. 
  45. jerks
    Harvard Professor Is Now Sorry for Rude EmailsIn which he bullied a Chinese restaurant over four bucks.
  46. Check Out ‘The Harvard Crimson’s Comedy IssueHarvard’s daily newspaper The Crimson published a new comedy-centric issue of its weekly magazine Fifteen Minutes dedicated to the university’s […]
  47. carry that weight
    Scenes From Yesterday’s ‘Carry That Weight’ ProtestsMattress-carrying rape protesters turned out on campuses across the country.
  48. get smart
    Uniqlo Is Now Paying People’s Harvard TuitionWill they throw in free leggings? Unclear.
  49. Take Away Harvard’s Nonprofit StatusHarvard is a hedge fund, not a researcher in the public good. Let’s tax it as such. 
  50. the ivy league
    The New Privilege: Loudly Denouncing Your PrivilegeParadoxes of elite populism.
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