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Harvey Works It Out

"Goldman Sachs and Ambac have basically agreed to work with the Weinsteins to figure out a way to have the studio go forward in a healthy manner."

By Lane Brown

Madonna Chooses Choos

And more celebrity nonsense, in our daily gossip roundup.

By Katie Goldsmith

Weinsteins Dump Social Network

Bad news for socially networked rich people who enjoyed the idea of potentially giving Harvey Weinstein access to their personal info.

By Lane Brown

Weinsteins Kill Michael Myers

Nikki Finke says Dimension Films has stopped production on 'Halloween 3-D' after receiving a first draft of the script on Friday.

By Lane Brown

Lady Gaga Shunned by Nuns

This is just absurd. Clearly, the very presence of this woman in all of our lives is an act of God. More, in our daily gossip roundup.

By Katie Goldsmith