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Health And Human Services

  1. Trump to Propose Merging Labor and Education Departments, Rebranding WelfareCongress probably won’t reshape the federal government months before an election, but Trump can say he’s pursuing a longtime conservative goal.
  2. Trump to Declare Opioid Crisis a Public Health EmergencyThis will mandate a smaller government response than the national emergency classification he originally promised,
  3. The Trump Administration Just Confirmed That It Is Sabotaging ObamacareHHS explains that it is cutting enrollment efforts because Americans “won’t be convinced to sign up for ‘Washington-knows-best’ health coverage.”
  4. HHS Secretary Tom Price Has Given Up His Private-Jet Habit, for NowHe acknowledges, “The optics in some of this don’t look good.”
  5. Health Sec. Tom Price, Critic of Wasteful Spending, Insists on Flying PrivateJust last week, Price flew on a chartered jet to Philadelphia, spending tens of thousands of dollars to travel 135 miles.
  6. Trump Administration Used Public Funds to Sabotage the Health-Care SystemLast year, Trump promised universal health care. Now, to build support for throwing millions off insurance, his team is trying to make Obamacare fail.
  7. Tom Price Is the Perfect Villain for Obamacare DefendersThe upside of Price’s confirmation for Democrats: A (seemingly) corrupt opponent of Medicare is now the face of Obamacare repeal.
  8. cabinet of horrors
    Trump’s New Health Secretary Could Be Disastrous for WomenThe Georgia congressman is almost as bad as Mike Pence.
  9. More Trouble for Tom Price on His Biomedical InvestmentsOn the eve of a committee vote on his confirmation, new evidence shows Price may have gotten a sweet deal on a dubious stock purchase.
  10. Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Traded Medical Stocks While in CongressTom Price traded more than $300,000 in shares of health-care companies while sponsoring legislation that would likely affect the value of the shares.