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    How a Group of Computer Geeks and English Majors Transformed Wall StreetIn the 1980s, a quiet hedge fund located above a Marxist bookstore launched a revolution that would change finance (and give us Amazon).
  2. Instead of a Reassuring Senior Communications Director, Trump Chose the MoochAt a time when the White House could benefit from a steady, respected hand to run the communications shop, Trump went in a very different direction.
  3. Bill Ackman Finally Cuts His Losses on ValeantThe billionaire hedge-fund manager staked his reputation on turning around the controversial pharmaceutical company. That was a bad bet.
  4. Hedge Funder Anthony Scaramucci Headed to White House As Top Trump AdviserThe Mooch and the Donald have a lot in common.
  5. Hedge-Fund Manager Whitney Tilson Is Selling the Trump Stock-Market RallyHe’s positioning for a world where uncertainty reigns.
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    Who Needs Bankers When You Have Robots?They have already invaded the market. Their total victory is where things get interesting.
  7. A Brexit Boom for BillionairesGeorge Soros and other speculators may have cashed in on the market chaos Friday.
  8. Meet the Wall Street Titans Who Back TrumpSome of their peers think they’re liable to ruin their reputations.
  9. The World’s Highest-Paid Hedge-Fund Manager Loves LeverageIt worked well for him in 2015. Will the same be true this year?
  10. Activists Have Declared War on Hedge Funds — and They Might Be WinningLarge investors are pulling out money for both political and financial reasons. Does this mark the beginning of a long decline?
  11. Hedge-Fund Managers Highly Compensated for Totally Average PerformanceIn 2014, the top 25 managers made $11.62 billion in compensation.
  12. Hedgies Stumble Upon the Brilliant Idea of Investing in AppleAn update from the world of stealing from the rich to give to the rich. 
  13. the prowl
    Prince Harry: Seeking Hedge-Fund Hottie?Notably scoping out the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala dinner.
  14. What’s the Matter With Connecticut?A dispatch from the richest, worst economy in the country. 
  15. What Argentina’s Default Saga Means for YouFirst Argentina loses the World Cup final, now this.
  16. Steve Cohen Gets Away: ‘Why Did Preet Wuss Out?’The big fish of the hedge-fund world escapes prosecution.
  17. Small Plates
    Anthony ‘the Mooch’ Scaramucci Opening Awesome New Restaurant for1987 called and said it wants its restaurant idea back.
  18. The Things You See at a Las Vegas Hedge Fund ConfabDapper suits, men’s room lines, and a private jet salesman.
  19. Hedge Fund Tycoon Steve Cohen Is ‘Happy’ to Part With $600 MillionAt least it’s just money.
  20. Manhattan Is Getting More and More Hedge-FundyTake that, Greenwich.
  21. Out-of-Work Hedge Fund Manager Needs Suggestions for a New HobbyBadminton? Needlepoint? Kombucha home-brewing?
  22. The FBI Is Cracking Down on Insider Trading AgainThe ghost of Rajs past.
  23. Danielle Chiesi Settles for $540,000 With SECBet that was one exchange that didn’t feel like an orgasm.
  24. Cultish Hedge Fund Buffs Image With Confessional VideosNothing says “not a cult” like gushing testimonials.
  25. Investors Slobber Over Cayman Island Hedge Fund That Predicts Stock Market Based on TwitterWho needs stock analysts when you have 140 characters?
  26. The Top 25 Hedge-Fund Managers Made More Than $22 Billion Last Year [Updated]They made as much as 441,400 regular Americans combined.
  27. SEC Enforcer Robert Khuzami Would Like to Treat Successful Hedge Funds Like the CriminalsWe’re now doing things like canvassing all hedge funds.”
  28. Carl Icahn Gives His Clients All Their Money Back Rather Than Lose It in the Coming CrisisWhat does it mean if successful money managers don’t want the dough?
  29. David Tepper Reunites With CNBCAnd it doesn’t feel quite as good as last time.
  30. Citigroup CEO Would Rather Not Know What Failure of His Bank Would Look LikeWhy dwell on the negative?
  31. John Paulson to Thank Alan Greenspan for Screwing Up the Economy to Their Mutual BenefitFriends with benefits get together for a chat.
  32. Poor Hedge-Fund Managers See Rising Cost of Health CarePeople at multimillion-dollar firms find higher deductibles “troubling.”
  33. SEC Charges Four More in Galleon Insider-Trading CaseSEC director Robert Khuzami expresses fresh outrage.
  34. Larry Summers Heads to Bermuda to Hobnob With Hedge FundersObama’s recently departed economic aide isn’t wasting any time getting back into the swing of things.
  35. ‘As Many of You Are Aware, at the End of Every Year I Lock Myself in a Bank Vault for a Couple Days With All of My Money’A spoof of hedge-fund investor letters.
  36. Holiday Hedge-Fund Bust Ensnares California WomanPlus, a blind item about a New York hedge-fund founder.
  37. John Kinnucan Wouldn’t Sing for Feds, But Now He Won’t Shut UpIf I don’t raise my voice, nobody will, because everyone has gone underground.”
  38. A Little Thing Like a Subpoena Won’t Stop Steve Cohen’s Miami Spending Spree‘Let me ask you a question,’ he said to a reporter, turning around. ‘Do I have a bull’s-eye on my back?’”
  39. Wife of SAC Capital Executive Caves to CopsHedge-fund wife gives up husband; admits wrongdoing.
  40. Wall Street ‘Hero’ John Kinnucan Explains HimselfHe might have worn a wire if the Feds had been nicer.
  41. First Arrest Made in Fed’s Insider-Trading SweepDon Ching Trang Chu has been charged with securities fraud.
  42. Federal Investigators Circling Steve CohenSAC Capital gets a subpoena.
  43. Man Blows Off Feds, Law & Order StyleWe … declined the young gentleman’s gracious offer to wear a wire and therefore ensnare you in their devious web.”
  44. FBI Raids Three Hedge-Fund OfficesAnd more could be on the way.
  45. Men Who Like To Body Slam Each Other Also Enjoy Working on Wall Street, Paper FindsThey also like holding sticks.
  46. The Yes Men Would Like You to Try to Arrest John PaulsonYou, the citizens.
  47. High Time for Wall Street Vultures“If you’re in the market for financial services garbage collection, there’s plenty to do right now.”
  48. Rabbi Found Guilty of Trying to Extort Steven CohenMilton Balkany will go to jail.
  49. Kristin Davis’s Wall Street Background Helped Make Her Who She Is TodayThe madam turned gubernatorial candidate is proud of her hedge-fund past.
  50. Bill Ackman Can’t Help That He’s Awesome and People Want to Get Close to HimThe investing world’s version of Elvis” is simply irresistible.
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