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  1. Did Pope Francis Abolish Hell?The Vatican is equivocating about what Francis did and didn’t say, but it’s certainly reviving some very old debates about the afterlife.
  2. niche drama
    So What’s Going on With This Pope Francis Hell Controversy?It all started when His Holiness reportedly said that Hell doesn’t exist.
  3. I Have Not Known Inner Peace Since Discovering ‘D se Dab’Cool clothes + Attitude + New hand moves.
  4. Angry Sean Hannity Fans Won’t Stop Destroying Keurigs on TwitterDespite all appearances, this is a very serious and effective protest that is not at all funny.
  5. Twitter Should Hellban TrumpAn old moderation tactic presents new possibilities.
  6. The Pause Pod, Despite Its Appearance, Is Not a Child’s Tent for AdultsIt’s the Pause Pod.
  7. All the Times We Groaned Watching The Emoji MovieIt’s bad!
  8. Uber’s ‘Hell’ Program Secretly Tracked Lyft DriversAnother dastardly Uber initiative.
  9. Reply-All-pocalypse Hits 90,000 Wells Fargo RecipientsDon’t reply-all to 90,000 people.
  10. This New Apartment Building Has a Common Slack Channel. This Is a Bad Idea.Annoying your neighbors shouldn’t be easy.
  11. On the Bright Side, This Doctor Hasn’t Seen an Outbreak of Snowball InjuriesIt’s the coldest winter New York City has seen in a long time — but with no notable increase in icicle stabbings!
  12. look of the day
    Jaime King’s Skirt Says ‘HELL’ on It Weird.
  13. July Was the Warmest Month Ever in Washington, D.C.Serves ‘em right?