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Cain/Colbert Received a Paltry 1% of the South Carolina Primary Vote

So much for the two-headed Colbert-Cain super-candidate hydra. Despite a crowd at their joint rally that qualified as the biggest crowd yet of the 2012 campaign, only 6,324 out of about 600,000 voters threw their support behind Cain in the [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Stephen Colbert Drank a Steaming Hot Cup of Morning Joe Today

Stephen Colbert visited Morning Joe today, or as he rechristened it, "Evening Joe brought to you by Jack Daniels." Up for discussion was last night's Republican debate, from which Stephen was conspicuously absent. He also talks about Herman [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Watch the Stephen Colbert/Herman Cain Rally Live Right Now

The "Rock Me Like a Herman Cain: South Cain-olina Primary Rally" kicks off right about now down in Charleston, SC, and Reuters has a live feed of the event so you can follow along from home. It's just like being there in person, except there [...]

By Adam Frucci

Welcome Back, Incredibly Creepy Herman Cain Smile

The Seriously, We 100% Absolutely Aren't Coordinating With Stephen, We Promise Super PAC has a new ad, and it brings back all kinds of poignant memories from those halcyon days when Herman Cain was still in the race. Most notably, his [...]

By Hallie Cantor