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  1. dream big
    If Hillary Clinton Wins the Election, Women Really Could Run the WorldCome November, women could run America — and the world.
  2. hillary watch
    Woman Running for World’s Most Important Job Accused of Being Too AmbitiousWatch her laugh for five seconds.
  3. south by southwest
    How Broad City Got Hillary“That’s half the episode,” Jacobson said of Hillary’s appearance. 
  4. accents
    Hillary Clinton Mimics Accents — But So Do You, ProbablyThe psychology behind speech imitation. 
  5. 8 Juicy Bits From the Clinton Documents ReleaseMonica Lewinsky. And Elena Kagan’s girlish print.
  6. hillary
    Why Hillary Clinton Is Fashion’s Favorite CandidateBut we knew this already.
  7. Hillary’s New Memoir Could Be 2016’s Audacity of HopeHey, forward-thinking types, we know exactly what you’re thinking.
  8. baby names
    Hillary: The Most Poisoned Baby Name in U.S. HistoryMothers abandoned the name at record speed, starting in 1992.