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    Woman Running for World’s Most Important Job Accused of Being Too AmbitiousWatch her laugh for five seconds.
  2. Hillary’s Wall Street Trust GapWhy don’t progressives trust Clinton?
  3. Reading Hillary’s Email: ‘Cracked’ Head EditionOur national quest for interesting personal tidbits continues.
  4. Hillary’s Email: Hackers, Hummus, and Home GirlsThe hunt for evidence of gross misconduct and/or mundane tidbits about Hillary’s life continues.
  5. More Intriguingly Mundane Moments From Hillary Clinton’s EmailFeaturing Chelsea’s memo to her parents, concerns about gefilte fish, and plenty of mysterious redactions.
  6. If Clinton Has a Backup of Her Emails, the FBI Would Like to See ItHer yoga schedules may still exist on a second server.
  7. Clinton Gives In, Turns Over Email Server to Justice DepartmentBut it sounds like she’s already deleted all of her emails.
  8. Justice Department Asked to Investigate Hillary’s Emails A government review finds that she may have sent classified information on her personal email account.
  9. Hillary Blames GOP for Negative Press, Insists People ‘Can and Do’ Trust HerIn her first interview as a 2016 candidate, Clinton tried to repair her troubled relationship with the press.
  10. Months After Campaign Launch, Hillary Will Start Talking to the PressLike all of the other people who want to be president.
  11. 15 Fun Tidbits From Hillary Clinton’s EmailsThe first batch features congressional gossip, tech troubles, and a Nixon burn, but nothing about Benghazi.
  12. Hillary Clinton’s Staff Missed a Few Benghazi-Related EmailsThey turned up thanks to a subpoena from Congress.
  13. Federal Judge Wants to See Hillary Emails Released Before 2016Staffers are busy sorting out the tens of thousands of printed-out emails.
  14. Hillary Has Been Asking Lots of Questions, Seems Less Fond of Answering ThemIn 37 days, she’s only taken 13 questions from journalists.
  15. Hillary Unveils Her Plan to Advance Women’s Rights (and Her Own Campaign)Clinton’s fiery summit speech signals that, this time, she won’t separate her advocacy for women from her presidential ambitions.
  16. Hillary to GOP Rivals: Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?Clinton’s not worried about that book where people wrote mean things about her.
  17. New Book Will Ostensibly Make People Care About Shady Clinton DonationsRand Paul and the New York Times actually agree about something.
  18. 8 Actually Spontaneous Moments From Hillary’s First Day in IowaThe campaign is working hard to look casual, but some people went off script.
  19. Everything That’s Wrong With Hillary’s New Logo, According to the InternetIt’s simultaneously too unoriginal, too amateurish, too Republican, and reminiscent of 9/11.
  20. Hillary Clinton May Be Coming to a Gas Station Near YouShe’s driving to Iowa in a van.
  21. Hillary Is Actually Using Her Whole Facebook TimelineThough some notable milestones were omitted.
  22. Emailgate Bombshell: Hillary Used an iPad TooShe was emailing from her tablet but didn’t want a second phone?
  23. Hillary’s 2016 Challenger Dares to Publicly Criticize HerThe 2016 Democratic primary race is (sort of) heating up!
  24. Hillary Pals Around With Obama, Political ReportersIt’s like she’s preparing to make some kind of announcement.
  25. Despite Pledge, Clinton Charity Failed to Disclose DonorsTheir issues with transparency go well beyond emails.
  26. Obama Administration Tries to Stay Out of Clinton Email ScandalBut with the Clintons saying very little, that’s tough.
  27. Hillary Clinton: ‘I Want the Public to See My Email’A House committee on Benghazi helped her out by issuing subpoenas.
  28. Report: Top Clinton Staffers Used Private Email, TooViolating “very specific guidance” from the White House.
  29. Hillary Clinton Only Used Her Personal Email Address at State DepartmentThough, by law, federal officials’ communication must be archived.
  30. Republicans Are Pressuring Hillary Clinton to Enter the 2016 RaceYes, Republicans.
  31. Hillary Unveils Terrible Putin ImpressionIt’s almost as bad as Bill’s take on Bono.
  32. hillary watch
    Report: Hillary Clinton Is Getting Another Vogue CoverIt’s been a long time since 1998.
  33. The Meaning of Hillary’s Promise to ‘Hug It Out’As Ari Gold taught us, the point is to show the world that you are aggressively getting along.
  34. After Syria Tiff, Clinton Plans to ‘Hug It Out’ With ObamaSpoiler alert for this week’s The Real Housewives of Martha’s Vineyard.
  35. Hillary Clinton Criticizes Obama’s ‘Don’t Do Stupid Stuff’ Foreign Policy And “failure” to arm the moderate Syrian rebels.
  36. Hillary Makes Surprise Colbert Report AppearanceShe weighed in on the horse-size duck conundrum.
  37. Hillary Clinton Says Defending Alleged Rapist Was Her ‘Professional Duty’She’s either changed her story, or forgotten a few details about the 1975 case.
  38. Hillary: College Speaking Fees Go to FoundationShe’s donated a year and a half’s worth to the Clinton Foundation.
  39. Hillary Admits Her Comments About Wealth Were ‘Inartful’I shouldn’t have said the five or so words that I said.”
  40. Arkansas Official Explains Hillary Won’t Actually ‘Get Shot’ If She ReturnsThe gun reference wasn’t meant in a “hostile way.”
  41. 8 Years Later, Will America Really Be Ready for Hillary?The question for 2016 isn’t whether Clinton will evolve, it’s how much the country has evolved.
  42. Hillary Clinton Suggests She Isn’t ‘Truly Well Off’She’s making do without a car elevator, and hasn’t even driven a car since 1996.
  43. Hillary Clinton Makes Peace With Conservative Squirrel-Suit StalkerAnd survived a Fox News interview.
  44. Clintons Avoid Estate Taxes Despite Support for Estate Taxes Those loopholes can be pretty irresistible.
  45. Scenes From Hillary Clinton’s Visit to the Union Square Barnes & Noble [Updated]She chose a bright pink pantsuit for the occasion.
  46. Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Is ‘More of a Reason to Run’I take responsibility,” she says, “but I was not making security decisions.”
  47. Putin Responds to Hitler Comparison With Sexist Dig at HillaryIt’s better not to argue with women.”
  48. President Obama Had Lunch With Hillary, Failed to Alert the PressWe had to hear it from People.
  49. Karl Rove Suggests Hillary Might Have Suffered a Brain InjuryOr she had “Benghazi flu.” Either way, she’s lying.
  50. Hillary Clinton Remembers Her Mother in Book Excerpt Dorothy Howell Rodham taught Clinton to “never quit.”
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