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Bad News for Smoking Hipsters

Smoking is now banned in six state parks located within the city, including East River State Park in Williamsburg.

By Dan Amira

Ian Edwards on Black Comedy and Hipster Comedy

Here's an interesting interview with comedian Ian Edwards, who's currently writing for Fox's In Living Color. In it, he laments the modern comedy scene's lack of a real showcase for black standups (like Def Jam on HBO in the 90s, for example) [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Fox Buys Show About A Conservative And -Gasp!- A Hipster

MadTV's Will Sasso has created Fox's newest sitcom, which "centers on a patriotic and conservative Army Ranger comes home after serving 10 years in the Middle East to find that in the last decade, his brother (the only family he has left) has [...]

By Hallie Cantor