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Introducing Hipsters: Incorporated

Aaron Bakalar's new talent agency only has six names in it. But most of them are ones you'll recognize.

By Mike Vilensky

Stuff Hipsters Hate Review: Sympathy for the Hipster

I moved to the United States five years ago, feeling very confident about my English vocabulary, only to find that my meager repertoire of cultural references made lively communication with other students difficult. The word that gave me the [...]

By Leon Dische Becker

Hipsters Now Hoarding Gold

Time was, musicians and filmmakers could barely make rent. Now, they're buying gold bullion.

By Jessica Pressler

I Guess In England They Call Hipsters ‘Dickheads’

On the one hand, ragging on hipsters is kind of lazy and overdone. On the other, this video has a catchy song and is from England, so uses words like "vest" to describe a t-shirt. Plus, it's legitimately funny, so I suppose it gets a pass. [via]

By Adam Frucci