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Hiram Monserrate

  1. ballsy crimes
    Monserrate’s Girlfriend Needed Double the Stitches Previously ReportedThe doctor who treated her testifies.
  2. ballsy crimes
    Security Footage of Monserrate and Girlfriend Shown in CourtThis is the bad part for Hiram.
  3. ballsy crimes
    Hiram Monserrate Is Basically Steve UrkelAs his trial begins, we’re told two versions of how his girlfriend’s face became slashed.
  4. ballsy crimes
    Hiram Monserrate Will Take His Chances With Judge Who Seems to Hate HimThe girlfriend-slashing state senator has waived his right to a jury.
  5. ballsy legal decisions
    Hiram Monserrate Rolls the DiceHe’s somehow confident that he’ll beat charges in court of face-slashing.
  6. early and often
    Hiram Monserrate to Stand Trial September 14For that whole slashing the girlfriend in the face with a broken glass thing, which we’d almost forgotten about.
  7. jerks
    Skin-Care Tips From Senator Hiram MonserrateNot the guy we expected to discuss the benefits of avocado.
  8. albany chaos
    Answering Your Questions About the Chaos in AlbanyEverything you need to know about why nothing is getting done in our State Senate.
  9. albany coup
    Hiram Monserrate Back With DemocratsThis, unsurprisingly, does not make anything better.
  10. albany coup
    The Press Has Some Words for Hiram MonserrateNot many of them are nice.
  11. albany coup
    Monserrate Meets With Sampson and DemocratsCould the Great Coup of 2009 be on shaky ground?
  12. albany coup
    Senate Showdown Disappointingly DiffusedA confrontation over entering the locked Senate Chamber fizzled when Queens State Senator Hiram Monserrate began to wimp out.
  13. early and often
    Chris Smith: What Will the City Get Out of the Albany Shake-up?That’s what we need to be asking ourselves.
  14. what other people think
    Albany Coup Reactions: What Just Happened?Today’s papers sound off on yesterday’s shocking overthrow.
  15. early and often
    Gershman: If Dems Have an Ace, They’d Better Play It FastOur man in Albany provides news analysis of yesterday’s tumultuous events.
  16. equal rites
    Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell: I Still Believe Marriage Equality Is ComingEven though the landscape of Albany has been dramatically upheaved, one advocate at least still sees hope.
  17. early and often
    GOP Takes Over State SenateIn a surprise move, the Republicans won two Democrats over to their side, and swung control of the body back their way.
  18. early and awful
    Why Are These Men Smiling?Meet the four men you have to thank for your shiny new fare hike.
  19. early and awful
    Alleged Girlfriend-Beating Senator IndictedHiram Monserrate is still claiming it’s all just an innocent mistake.
  20. early and awesome
    Marty Golden and Hiram Monserrate Have Awkward MomentHiram! Hey! I was just talking about your little domestic-abuse flap and how you should be banned from the Senate! How ARE you?
  21. early and often
    Hiram Monserrate Offers Stupidest Excuse for Domestic Assault EverReally, it’s worse than ‘She walked into a wall.’
  22. sad
    City Councilman Who Fought Against Domestic Violence Arrested for Domestic ViolenceQueens councilman and Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate was arrested early this morning for attacking and cutting his girlfriend with a broken bottle.