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  1. Trump Administration Revoking Passports and Deporting Hispanic CitizensIn another example of the administration’s animus towards Hispanics, officials are forcing U.S. citizens to prove the legitimacy of their births.
  2. Trump Losing Ground With Women, Especially in the White Working ClassThe very large gender gap Donald Trump has generated is really beginning to cut against his reelection odds.
  3. As the Parties Have Polarized on Immigration Policy, Hispanic Vote Stays StableThe major parties have been rapidly separating on immigration policy in the very recent past. But other factors have kept the Hispanic vote stable.
  4. Some Polls Are Just BadYes, averaging polling results usually gives you a pretty good handle on what’s happening in an election. But some polls are just bad and should probably be ignored.
  5. Donald Trump Is Making Latinos Register to Vote (Again)Fresh evidence that the GOP’s favorite xenophobe is increasing the diversity of America’s electorate.
  6. Trump Honors Cinco de Mayo With the Best Tweet of His Storied CareerAs Joyce was to the novel, Trump is to the tweet.
  7. Forget Nevada: Hispanics Do Like Hillary, Can’t Stand TrumpIn the nick of time, a new national survey of Hispanics addresses the myth that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both enjoying a Latino-support boom.
  8. Can the Hispanic Side of Hillary’s ‘Firewall’ Hold?New polling shows her winning among Hispanic voters in an array of states, if not by the huge margins she’s displaying among African-Americans. 
  9. Romney Fears ‘Flip-Flopper’ Label on ImmigrationHe feels it’s better to keep America guessing.
  10. Supreme Court Strikes Down Most of Arizona’s Immigration Law [Updated]The “show me your papers” part of the law can move forward, but may be subject to future legal challenges.
  11. Hispanic Voters Also Care About Jobs and Health Care and SuchYou know, like normal people. 
  12. Obama Targets Disillusioned Hispanic Voters en EspañolObama campaign attacks in battle for Latino voters.
  13. Gloria Estefan Doesn’t Blame President Obama for Lack of Progress on Immigration ReformI wish that the president had a lot more power than he does, but he doesn’t,” she tells us.