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Hitler Comparisons

  1. N.C. Lawmaker: Obamacare Like Nazis, SovietsNeeds more offensive imagery.
  2. Who Is Liz Cheney Comparing to Hitler? Here are our best guesses. 
  3. Smoking Laws = Holocaust, Says Senate CandidateNazi analogies are never, ever good.
  4. Dumb Hitler Comparison of the DayChris Christie = Adolf Christie.
  5. Liberals Also Perfectly Capable of Making Awful Protest SignsWisconsin’s governor was compared to Hitler and Mubarak, and displayed with crosshairs over his face.
  6. Hedge-Fund Manager Compares Ben Bernanke to HitlerTo me, the parallels are ominous.”
  7. Hitler Comparisons That, Even Compared to Other Ridiculous Hitler Comparisons, Are Over-the-TopSteve Schwarzman goes for hyperbole gold.
  8. Tea Party Decides Its Hitler-Obama-Lenin Billboard Was a Little Over the Top After AllThe group’s founder had the billboard papered over today.
  9. Prospective Governor Compares Sheldon Silver to HitlerAnd called him the Antichrist. It was a really good joke.