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  1. 1994-95 tv week
    Why Is Homicide: Life on the Street So Underappreciated?It is the best. Why doesn’t everyone know that already?
  2. What Do We Know About Girls Who Kill?The hows and whys of the rare cases of girls convicted for homicide.
  3. Viral-Video Hero Flees Murder ChargeWanted in New Jersey.
  4. Man Accused of Slashing Wife in Grisly Brooklyn MurderSources say he “went berserk.”
  5. tales from the set
    Copper Creator Tom Fontana’s TV MemoriesIncluding how Edie Falco almost wasn’t on The Sopranos.
  6. Police ID Suspect in Soccer Coach’s Stabbing, But He’s Already Fled to MexicoThe latest turn in the search for a killer is frustrating.
  7. Burnt Body Identified As Missing Brooklyn Cafe OwnerJoshua Rubin was fatally shot, and his body burnt.
  8. Seven Dead After Shootings in Grand Rapids, Suspect Holding Hostages [Updated]The gunman asked for a Gatorade and cigarettes.
  9. Rockefeller Imposter Facing Murder ChargesThe case dates back to the eighties.
  10. Suspected Pennsylvania Gunman Killed by PoliceThe gunman “had been harboring a desire to seek revenge.”
  11. Manhunt Under Way After East Village Man Shot in Pennsylvania HomeIt’s unclear what sparked the shooting.
  12. Suspect in Long Island Drugstore Murders Pleads Not GuiltyDavid Laffer has reportedly shown “no remorse.”
  13. Self-Help Guru James Ray Found Guilty of HomicideHowever, Ray was found not guilty of manslaughter charges.
  14. One Killed in Shooting at Brooklyn PartyEight others were wounded.
  15. Accused Murderer Renato Seabra Wants His Confession Thrown OutAnd he may not plead insanity.
  16. After Alleged Killing Spree, Brooklyn Man ArrestedTwenty-third-year-old Maksim Gelman is accused of killing four people.
  17. Former Bush Aide Was Attacked Before DeathJohn P. Wheeler III’s cause of death confirmed to be trauma.
  18. The Case of the Murdered Presidential Aide Gets WeirderCould his death have come down to a petty neighborhood feud?
  19. Former Bush and Reagan Aide Found Murdered in a Delaware LandfillJohn P. Wheeler III’s death was ruled a homicide.
  20. Somebody Got Murdered in the Happiest Town on EarthDisney’s Celebration, Florida, has its first violent crime.
  21. Homicide Ruling in Death of Kerrigan’s FatherFormer Olympic skater’s family “disappointed” by the development.
  22. Stunts
    When You’re Proposing to Someone, Remind Them You Have Rooftop Pool AccessThe most meatpacking-ish marriage proposal ever.