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  1. hong kong
    Hong Kong Protests: Photos and Videos of Massive Crowds and Police ClashesDemonstrations over an extradition bill turned violent in Hong Kong Wednesday.
  2. summer of scam
    Wedding Planner Says She Was Tricked Into Marrying a Stranger by Her CompanyA 21-year-old Hong Kong woman says she unknowingly signed a real marriage certificate during her job training.
  3. the chain gang
    Twitter Suspends Fake McDonald’s Account That Conned People for 9 MonthsIt even fooled @McDonaldsCorp — until it started tweeting about suicide.
  4. empire building
    Shake Shack Sets Its Sights on ChinaThe company will open its first Hong Kong location next year.
  5. One of New York’s Most Popular Bars Is Now Open in Hong Kong — Staff IncludedEmployees Only co-founder Igor Hadzismajlovic has opened two new locations of the iconic West Village cocktail bar.
  6. excess
    Here’s What a $22 Strawberry Looks LikeHint: a lot like other strawberries.
  7. Take A Virtual Vacation To Two Chinese CitiesLeaf Greener and Vivien Liu’s impressive Instagram followings prove they know how to get around their cities.
  8. Playing Action Video Games Might Make You a Better DriverFirst-person shooters: They’re good for you!
  9. Hong Kong Is Taking Micro Apartments to Another LevelLooks like “Transformer”-style furniture is the way of the future. 
  10. The Chain Gang
    This Fried-Chicken Okonomiyaki Is the Kind of Fast Food America NeedsToo bad the bonito-topped drumsticks are only available in Hong Kong.
  11. hotshot
    Please Don’t Stand Near Victoria BeckhamShe would prefer if you would remain behind a glass wall.
  12. There’s a New Least Affordable City EverHint: It is not Buffalo.
  13. The Hong Kong Dollar Is CrashingThe biggest two-day drop since 1992.
  14. Pranks
    Experiment Shows a ‘Chef’ Can Trick People Into Eating Bad FoodA good story can apparently hide a mountain of bouillon powder.
  15. Tie-Ins
    There’s an Official Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant Opening in Hong KongBrace yourself for the cutest dim sum ever.
  16. Tough Bosses
    This Michelin-Starred Restaurant Fines Its Employees for YawningStretching and swearing also make the list of 23 prohibited things.
  17. international intrigue
    10 Images From the End of Hong Kong’s Protest MovementAfter 75 days.
  18. international intrigue
    Hong Kong’s 18-Year-Old Protest Leader Is Sticking to His Hunger StrikeJoshua Wong keeps going even as others bow out.
  19. occupy central
    Some Hong Kong Protesters Leave the Streets The government has demanded that the demonstrations be scaled back by Monday morning.
  20. international intrigue
    The Latest From Hong Kong: More Intense Images From the Occupy ProtestsThat’s one way to start the weekend.
  21. international intrigue
    Hong Kong Protests Are a U.S. Conspiracy Plot, Says RussiaJust like the ones in Kiev.
  22. Empire Building
    Carbone Will Open in Hong Kong Next MonthThe restaurant opens mid-August.
  23. Expansions
    Gordon Ramsay Will Open Hong Kong RestaurantHe’ll open near Jamie Oliver’s new place.
  24. Empire Building
    Jamie Oliver Opening Hong Kong Outpost of Jamie’s Italian“It’s going to be incredible,” naturally.
  25. Scotch Eggs
    The NoMad Will Serve Snacks From Hong Kong Restaurant YardbirdYou’ll have until the end of the year to try the snacks.
  26. Edward Snowden Lands in Moscow, Requests Asylum in Ecuador [Updated]He’s landed in Russia, apparently en route to Ecuador.
  27. international affairs
    Edward Snowden Is Still in Hong Kong [Updated]In a “safe place.”
  28. spy games
    Dick Cheney Says Maybe Edward Snowden Is a Chinese SpyThe Snowden saga continues.
  29. state secrets
    Edward Snowden’s Hong Kong ProblemWhere can the leaker hide?
  30. street science
    Stylist Tina Leung Wears Evening Gowns During the DayThe spontaneous dresser doesn’t plan her fashion month outfits in advance.
  31. Toro
    Chef Jamie Bissonnette Can Really EatWe’d hang out with this guy any time.
  32. Mediavore
    New Health Benefits Found in Curries; Freebird’s Flying to The MidwestTurns out the Indian mainstays are pros when it come to lowering blood triglyceride levels.
  33. The (Office) Rent in Hong Kong Is Too Damn HighBut commercial real estate in New York is pretty pricey, too.
  34. protests
    Dolce & Gabbana Apologized to Protesters in Hong KongSo finally, everyone can go home.
  35. protesters
    There Are Still Protesters Outside Dolce & Gabbana’s Hong Kong BoutiqueThey won’t give up until the fashion brand apologizes.
  36. protesters
    Dolce & Gabbana Enrages Hong Kong Residents, Protests EnsueApparently the store wouldn’t allow people to take pictures.
  37. (not quite) payday!
    Coach Will Enter Hong Kong Stock Exchange This WeekThe company is looking to “focus” more on Asia.
  38. Looking at Hong Kong HumorThe Chinese have no sense of humor. At least that’s what the title of a recent study published in the October 2011 issue of HUMOR would have […]
  39. Mediavore
    Justin Bieber Plays With His Dinner in London; Grant Achatz On TheThe petulant star acts up at La Porte Des Indes and a sous vide machine becomes available for the home chef, winning approval from the Alinea chef.
  40. international intrigue
    Young Asian Man Gets Past Airport Security in Old-White-Man MaskA bad day for border security.
  41. international intrigue
    Hong Kong’s Banking Industry Is ‘Buried in White Powder,’ But Only on the Weekend“First they get the cocaine, then the girls, then the jeroboams of champagne.”
  42. Mediavore
    Scammers Try to Con Restaurants; A Sulking Gordon Ramsay Retreats to The StatesFake health inspectors try to get at private information, while Gordo leaves England following the firing of his father-in-law.
  43. Mediavore
    Moby Plays Vegan Book Editor; Cafe Pierre Obtains Rare Becker Farms HogA music star turns literary and a Manhattan Beach legend serves acorn-fed pork.
  44. Mediavore
    Seinfeld Star Shills for Jenny Craig; $177,000 Tuna Protested in HongJason Alexander becomes a Jenny Craig model and a record-breaking tuna is boycotted.
  45. Mediavore
    Jay-Z Sues a Tea House; Mark Peel Will Serve Ball GagsAn Alabama tea shop has beef with a Brooklyn rapper and Mark Peel’s Tar Pit flirts with S&M.
  46. Mediavore
    Long Trail Grows; Rum on the RisePlus: more bars get brunch, and McDonald’s president steps down, all in our morning news roundup.
  47. Openings
    Now Open In Chinatown: Sweet StationA “Hong-Kong-style” restaurant opens on South China Place
  48. america's sweetheart
    Sarah Palin As Polarizing in Hong Kong As She Is Everywhere ElseWas it brilliant or boring? We may never know.
  49. run through
    Adidas and Cynthia Rowley Move to ChinaAdidas opens a huge flagship in Beijing, Rowley heads to Hong Kong. And there are more luxury consumers than ever before in China.