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Hot Dudes

  1. Are You Team Josh or Team Greg on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?It’s actually a lot more nuanced than that. 
  2. it's like 16 handles but for men
    How Would You Like Your Hot Dude Today?In bed? With a dog? Drinking wine?
  3. music
    When Did Nick Jonas Get Hot?How did that promise-ringed moppet turn into a shirt-doffing, penis-grabbing hunk?
  4. male gaze
    People Are Going Crazy for This Hot Texas Tech Football CoachIntroducing coach Kliff Kingsbury.
  5. man candy
    Your Time Warner Cable Guy Fantasies Made Real in Calendar FormNo, not the ones where you murder the dude for telling you to be home from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. when he actually shows up at 3 p.m.