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  1. There’s a New ‘Alex From Target’ … and He’s HotterWhat a time to be in line.
  2. fake boyfriends
    Beyond the Man-Braids: An Everything Guide to Loving Cary FukunagaA strong contender for our new fake celebrity boyfriend.
  3. the science of attraction
    Guys With Guitars Are Sexier, But Why?Scientific studies, plus a gallery of musical hotties.
  4. bravery
    Esquire Boldly Argues in Favor of Hot ChicksMegan Fox profile laments, “Women no longer need to be beautiful.”
  5. Hotties
    This ‘Sexiest Vegetarian’ Guy Is Actually Pretty ArticulateWe were sort of expecting a meathead.
  6. craven slideshows
    Hedge Funds’ Hottest Assets: The Ladies of Investor RelationsMeet the cheerleaders for the math team.
  7. foxes of finance
    Foxes of FinanceOur mostly subjective, entirely shallow, list of Wall Street’s hottest bachelors.
  8. it hurts to watch
    Video: Grazia Puts Chace Crawford in an Epically Awkward SituationThis might be worse than the time he said, “I thought beige was, like, dark.”
  9. The Fabulous Noel SistersBernie Madoff’s biggest victim, Walter A. Noel, may have made seriously bad business decisions, but he made seriously hot daughters.
  10. hotties
    Check Out These Hot Men in Watch AdsTom Brady, Daniel Craig, Roger Federer, and more look quite sexy when selling timepieces.
  11. hotties
    OMFG: Is Chace Crawford the Next Face of Versace?The house says it’s working hard to develop their relationship with the ‘Gossip Girl’ hottie.